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Merrily Merrily

I think this may be the first year I WON’T be shopping – at least doing SOME shopping – on Christmas Eve. I got the last gifts last night unless we get any more last-minute additions.

I also finished constructing the Eiffel Tower boss’s gift.  Last year was wineglasses and a bottle of non-alcoholic bubbly and a $50 gift card to a nice steakhouse chain.  This year was likewise the $50 gift card (albeit to an Italian place) but some fancy mugs and designer hot chocolate.  Lest you gasp – the team members each contributed money to the effort, I am just the designated basket maker, voluntarily.  I was talking to my daughter (the one living with us at the moment) and we discussed what it would entail to go into the gift-basket-making biz.  We both have a knack for it.

Not this year though – DEFINITELY not this year!

G’s gifts weren’t what I originally planned but they were things either 1) he needed or 2) he needed in order for me not to brain him.   We don’t really fight these days but he’s downright anal about one minor little detail.  He absolutely MUST be able to see the clock when he wakes up in the middle of the night.  And since I wake at o’dark thirty for work, the alarm clock is on my side of the bed.  Ergo the damned thing has to be right up against my face, which annoys the shit out of me.

So yeah – guess what’s gonna be gift wrapped and under the tree this year, heh?

I do have one more gift to pick up but won’t do that until Friday in spite of myself.  Forgot about that.  Bleargh.

Soooo… we’re going to have a houseful.  Sis and her hubby and ALLLLLL my kids and their significant others.  No smallish offspring except for my youngest son’s gf’s kids.  Hence the last-minute additions to the gift spree.  No child shall pass my doors on Christmas day without having some kind of gift awaiting them!  It’s the law.

Ack – gotta head off to work.  I’m in a good mood, or will be once I get past catatonia.  Ciao!

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