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Mad Writing

Nope, not mad as in angry – just writing like mad as in focused and working on it again.  Not only did I get a lot of my writing done (very happy with the overall number of words) but also got a lot of my formatting done – so when I DO get to write next time it’ll be simpler to navigate within the document.  Can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to go through and try to figure out where I left off.  I bookmarked my chapters within the book and linked to them from the TOC.  Not a lot of writing involved in that part but it makes picking up and writing MUCH simpler to accomplish.

Also did a grocery run, heavy on the veggies and sammich stuff.  I also stocked up on some easy-to-fix goodies that are kind of a pre-emptive strike against the time when I’ll be off work.  Soups are my friend, and soup mixes that require pretty much nothing but water added are doubly my friend.  G can definitely manage simple things and if pushed I know he could do more.  The direction things are taking at the moment I will probably be recuperating over Thanksgiving; I’m not giving up my turkey but something tells me it’ll be a scaled-down meal unless the girls come over and cook.  That’s certainly within the realm of possibility, just not staking much on it, lol.

I need to touch base with our HR people to let them know I’ll be having surgery and that I’m trying to schedule it around our “dead” time of year.  If it weren’t for the fact that I’m tired of hurting I’d put it off until after Christmas.  Plus the doctor pretty much told me not to wait that long anyway, and the longer I wait to get it fixed the more likely I’ll actually have to take additional days off with the knee.  So it’s kind of a “pay me now or pay me more later” scenario.  Guess I pay sooner rather than later.  I just wish the doctor’s office would get back to me and confirm the date so I can schedule my time off accordingly.  Yeesh.

The preliminary word about my grandson with CF is fairly good – at least, as good as it can be with Cystic Fibrosis.  The initial genetic tests suggest he has the milder form.  Let’s hope that turns out to be true.  They’ve identified one genetic marker; the other one is the wild card.  We’re still waiting to get the final word on that second indicator.  So far this is the healthiest sick baby I’ve ever seen: overall very happy, sweet natured.  Chatty once you get him going but significantly less so than his cousin who’s just a couple of months older.  My daughter said he’s on the smallish size for his age, but I find that a little hard to believe.  He’s a chubby little thing and there’s very little difference in size between him and his older cousin.  I think they wear the same size clothes for the most part.

The last month was a really rough one for my family in a lot of respects.  My sis found a lump in her breast.  She’s scheduled for a biopsy.  She’s understandably scared; but we sisters share a warped sense of humor.  With her surgeries and mine apparently pretty close together, we discussed the possibility of taking the leftover parts to build a whole new sister, a bionic sister.  We have the technology.  We can make her bigger… er, I think smaller would be better in our case… faster (again of dubious value), stronger, able to leap tall buildings at a single bound!

Oh, maybe I mixed my super heroes a bit there.

Just a tad.

My other grandson, the one with the foot issues, is doing better, though at six months his parents decided to have him circumcised.  I had that done to my boys when they were born but if I had to do it over again I wouldn’t have.  If we rail against female circumcision, how can we advocate it for boys, particularly infants who CAN’T choose for themselves?  It used to be kind of a given.  Not any more.  But I can’t make the kids’ decisions for them.  My older son says he’s glad I had him snipped, though, so tough to know the right answer.  I haven’t ever talked to my younger son about it; the only reason it came up with my oldest is that he has a son of his own (and another on the way.)

We’re not Jewish, so we can’t even pretend it’s religious.  (Though we decry that as a reason for female circumcision.)  Just one of those odd things, I guess.

On that rather ponderous note I’m going to sign off for the night.  Soup’s ready and I’m off the computer for the night.

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