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The sniffles are finally beginning to recede and a few things got accomplished today.

All in all, I realized I am extraordinarily fortunate.

Time was, coming home was a nightmare.  Life with an addict was a daily walk through a land mine where nobody knew how many charges would blow nor who would be hit by the physical and emotional shrapnel.  These days I come home to be greeted by a very happy-to-see-me doggy, hugs from my husband, and baby kissed from my grandson.  There’s no shouting in the house and hasn’t been in months.  I cook occasionally and once in a while clean up small areas of the house, but overall G or my daughter do the majority of the housework.

Despite being without wheels for three weeks, I’ve made my way to work every day and am making progress toward getting a new set of wheels.

My sis took daughter and I grocery shopping today, which resulted in a big bill of groceries I didn’t have to pay for.  (Daughter had a nice gift card that covered the entire bill with leftovers – and it was a BIG bill.)

And did I mention coming home to a peaceful house every day?  Does anyone know what that’s like to someone who NEVER knew peace for the first forty-some years of life???  That, my friends, is worth more than any amount of money.

Daughter and grandson reflect the same, too.  Grandson is finally beginning to progress along more normal lines, which helps.  At ten months old he was unable to sit unaided.  At 11 months he not only sits unaided but is beginning to pull himself up like a normal child of his age, and is starting to mimic speech and gestures.  He’s still very tiny for his age but after his bout with the bug he’s recovered fully and today has been gobbling everything in sight.  The child’s been eating nonstop, which for this little boy is a godsend.  He’s the child who will never be obese.  Doctors told us to give him extra EVERYTHING.  Cream, butter, veggies, potatoes, desserts, even salt.  He’s always had a good appetite but this time around it’s been crazy – and that’s a good thing.

G and the daughter are feeling better, too, and daughter cooked dinner for us, whipping up chicken fried steaks, mashed potatoes and green beans.  I’m not a fan of chicken fried steak anywhere else, but the daughter’s version is good stuff.

Daughter decided to pull a massive April Fool’s prank on her brothers and sisters, texting them all with news that she was pregnant by her brother’s best friend.  She actually has been spending time with this young man, just not, I gather, in that context.  I’ve known the guy for eons and my daughter’s done worse.  Her brother would beg to differ, however.

She’s informed everyone of the prank status, which prompted her sister to intone, “You bitch.”  I am not big on the April Fool’s pranks, though I did pull off one a few years back.  This time I just sat back and watched.

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