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The AC at the house is now fixed – and in fact works better than it has since we’ve lived here.  (Which is saying a lot.)

I called and talked to the auto finance company, explained the situation – and per my request they are declining to fund.  I delivered the car to the dealership – and was threatened by the owner, which gets added to my documentation because obviously this will be going to court.  The asshole said he wouldn’t take the car back, he’d get it fixed again under warranty and deliver it to my house.  I didn’t let him know I had stopped payment on BOTH my down payment checks, since they haven’t cleared yet, though I did let him know the finance company wasn’t funding me.  His response “I own this damned dealership, they’ll finance you if I tell them to finance you.”

That’s the exact opposite of what the finance company told me, but I saw no point in enlightening the asshole.

There’s more to it, but at this point I’ve made other arrangements for wheels and will still be following up with the attorney.  I may have dropped a load of shit on the asshole, but I’m smart enough to know when to back it up.

After about 20 minutes sleep last night this is gonna be short and sweet.  My BP has fallen, I am going to curl up with G and fall asleep – probably the instant my head hits the pillow.  Oh, and after eons of snarfing, hacking and coughing and general malaise, I started taking antibiotics for a truly horrendous sinus infection.

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