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Losing It

No, I’m not angry or upset.  Just the opposite – I’m tickled pink, or at least pleasantly surprised.  I’m not losing my mind (no more than usual, anyway) but losing weight.  I knew by the way my shirts fit that I had lost some of the weight but the bottom half seemed stuck in neutral.

It never occurred to me that the things I’m wearing below the waist might legitimately have shrunk, at least the one pair of pants I was using as my anchor for sizing.  I have been wearing mostly skirts for a while now and since they have elastic waists they tell me pretty much zilch by way of how much I’ve lost or gained.  I have one pair of stretchy pants I put on now and again, and was figuring since they were still tight I really hadn’t lost much in the butt and legs, etc.

Then yesterday afternoon I dug out a pair of undies I rarely wear because unlike my regular uber-stretchy variety, these cotton goodies don’t have much give.  They were always too snug to be really comfortable, hence the rarely-worn issue.  Lo and behold, I can now barely wear the things – because they’re too BIG.  The shirts I’ve worn have become almost laughable, they’re so outrageously large now.  I have “bat wings” under my arms with several of them.

Nice feeling, even if I can’t see a visible difference yet.

I have a right to be irked this morning, I suppose, if I wanted to go there.  G  the social butterfly had invited a neighboring family over for dinner.  The invite was made some time ago and they had asked for a couple of postponements before but everyone confirmed for last night.  G scrubbed his ass off and I cooked enough food for a small army.  When the appointed time rolled around, nobody showed up.  Thinking they might simply have lost track of time half an hour later, G walked over to their place.  They were home, opened the door reluctantly, and didn’t even have the good grace to apologize.  (They also didn’t come over.  They had other plans, as it turned out.)  I shrugged it off but G was understandably steaming.  Their invitation is permanently reversed, needless to say.

It’sG circa 1956 such a blast to be in touch with G’s sister again.  G didn’t have any of his childhood photos but his big sis did and she’s sharing.  This is my favorite.  Curly much, ya think???

I can definitely tell it’s G.  His eyes are absolutely the same, his expression very familiar.  It’s still sweet to see what he looked like pre-beard, heh.

When his hair starts growing out now it shows those curly tendencies, albeit not in such riotous form.  He’s now more akin to the Dutch violinist Andre Rieu. Rieu is violinist and conductor of classical music.  His shows are fun, classical stufff with a definite tongue-in-cheek approach.  I can imagine his classical bent was heavily influenced by the background tunes by way of Bugs Bunny.

When Rieu’s orchestra played an excerpt from the opera Barber of Seville, they grabbed a young man from the audience (obviously pre-arranged) and had his lead tenor “cut” this young man’s hair.  It was a silly sketch and a nice foil to the “long-haired” music, heh.  They’ve been known to stage “fights” and in one show his entire horn section alternated playing short bursts of music with stuffing their faces with food – and yes, they were really eating it instead of “stage eating.”  Like I said, not your typical stuffed-shirt approach to classical tunes.

I have five glorious days off this weekend!  I am writing!  I am reading!  I am being royally lazy at every opportunity!

In fact, lazy is an understatement.  I have slept more in the past 48 hours than I can remember doing at any time except when horribly ill.  I’m not sick now other than a low-grade headache, just taking advantage of the time off by curling up on the bed with the TV remote, a book, and iPad, and promptly ignoring all three.  G is loving my iPad because since having it I no longer stay up late on the computer.  I have the iPad with me and my body crashes when it’s ready instead of being overstimulated by caffeine and the larger screen and sitting up.

I really want to finish up the rewrite on my book and finish the markups on Terri’s lovely story.  I am so anxious to have everyone read her book.  It is sweet, touching and beautifully written.  It reminds me of so many classics: simple wording that conveys such astonishing depth.  I don’t know how else to describe it except to say once it’s published – wherever it’s published – you really want to read it.  You won’t be sorry.

I slept a few hours this afternoon again and just woke up in time to warm up something for dinner.  Not cook, not given the volume of leftovers in the fridge.  Luckily one thing I made was a tray of fresh veggies, so G has been snacking all day and so have I.  I have (real) mashed potatoes, though, and have some previously left over roast beef and gravy to put with them.  There was chicken from yesterday, now sliced and in the fridge and waiting to be turned into something different.  I made mostly finger foods yesterday because of the neighbors’ children.  It’s coming in handy now.  (No pun intended.)

Time to tie up things here and go warm up dinner.  Then I think we’re going to put in a DVD and enjoy a glass of wine and the fact that I still have THREE more wonderful days off work!

Late edit: Poolie, DARPA stands for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, a division of the Pentagon.  Which makes it a bit freaky to me that they’re offering money to anyone capable of building an interstellar space vehicle.  Not NASA, but DARPA.  Cue Twilight Zone theme at will.

Another freaky thing.  Did anybody in the midwestern US hear about the meltdown of the nuclear power plant in Nebraska?  Me either, but Russia’s reporting it.  Read more about that here.

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