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Literary Spam

There are spammers and then there are SPAMMERS.  I had the winner tonight, a comment that was literally at least double or triple the length of my last entry.  I feel so special.

You thought I meant the OTHER kind of literary spam, didn’t you?  The kind that involved someone with delusions of authorship wrapped around a really, really bad manuscript.  Nope, not this time.  There are obviously plenty of those, too, but I find them uplifting.  Every crappy submission makes me appreciate the good ones all the more.

We’re getting something new every other day now, which is even more encouraging.  I just hope some of my exceptional writer friends will take up their pens (or keyboards or dictations) and get something to us.  I see so much talent among the blogging set and imagine those writers taking their work to a grander scale.  Even a couple of dozen copies a month would mean close to $150 a month extra spending money for a one-time effort; sales of 100 copies a month translates into a spare $500+.  I get about $1.75-$2.00 a month residuals from articles I wrote three years ago, fifteen or twenty short (400-1200 word) articles.  I haven’t taken the time to write any more for that site or would definitely see a bump to those figures.  (I think they pay something like a penny per thousand views.)  Having harvested those little amounts I can smile at the prospect of a few hundred now and again.

We’re in serious overtime mode at work.  I’m tired already but determined to be a contender for the darned iPad.  I am not all that big an Apple fan, but want two important things: an e-reader, which is integrated; and the portability that comes with it.  With an iPad I can camp out on the sofa or the bed and surf or write, instead of plunking down on the computer chair.

Of course the “big” prizes – TVs, trips, etc – would be nice in theory.  Unfortunately I have friends and family hitting me up now to be my companion on any trip and one pre-emptive offer to “trade [their smaller screen] for the TV”.  I’d said something about not particularly wanting a big screen TV.  Yeesh.  Aside from the fact that I really don’t want to commit hari kari by way of overtime, there’s an assumption I should go where they want to go, to boot.  (Needless to say, no one bothered to ask me anything even so simple as “where would you go?”  The prize is the US destination of my choice.)

Same principle lies behind my letting my artwork fall by the wayside.  When I mentioned painting again my kids fell all over each other, fighting over who would get the first painting(s) I did.  I gave away my paints and canvases.

God help me if I ever win the lottery.  I’ll have to buy an island in the South Pacific just to evade the grabby gimmes.

Sorry, don’t mean to be so negative.  Its been a long, long few months.  I told G I’m tired of living where I work my ass off to pay the bills and am never better than a second-class citizen.  While I liked this place when we moved in, it’s become a battleground.  Nobody enjoys it here and the air itself is charged with the anger.

I guess one of the neighbors got gun-happy tonight., too  We heard the very nearby report of a weapon, followed by flashing lights, helicopters, the whole enchilada.  It was one of my reservations about moving here, but when I said something to G he dismissed it outright.  Why shouldn’t he?  He doesn’t have to get up at o’dark thirty to go to work and walk and drive through the neighborhood alone.  Not that it’s all that different anywhere you live.  There are crazy people everywhere.

Winding up on a positive note, there are some very interesting housing possibilities here.  I don’t know how many of those homes sell for close to the listed pricing but the site’s definitely a new favorite for me.  Some of those are prices comparable to what my parents paid when we moved here in the 70’s.  I’ll be hunting for financing before summer’s up; in those price ranges I could afford to pay a fairly steep interest for a while, then refinance.   I have already talked to a mortgage agent and know what price range I can afford; if I chop that to smithereens and pick something up for a sliver of that cost, so much the better.

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