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Limbo Lost

Yeesh.  The idiot factor hath reared its ugly head.  The folks selling the house asked to close in June and rent back from us for a month.  That was reasonable and we were fine with that.  Then they started playing games. They wanted me to agree to waive the appraisal clause so if the house appraised low, I’d pay cash for the difference to bring it up to the offer amount.

No.  Frigging.  Way.

The asshole quotient is off the charts and I told my realtor thanks, but no thanks.  Legal or not, it’s definitely not kosher.  My reservations were already growing about this place.  Throw in this latest twist and I’m very content to blow off the whole deal.  We don’t have to move, and we won’t move if it’s something that will screw us over in the long run (or the short run, for that matter.)

Poolie‘s latest post might have been written to me.  There is a difference in wanting the stability of owning my home and letting it become an obsession that overrides common sense and destroys my peace of mind.

I’m thinking of stepping back, taking a deep breath, and reassessing a whole buttload of stuff.  Yes, I know this is probably a now or never situation as far as us getting a home.  There are worse things than “never”.  If all else fails I’ll rent a crappy mobile home on the cheap for a while.  It might even give pause to the hangers-on, which has its own appeal.  That would also give us the autonomy to get a better car.  Or more accurately, would give ME the autonomy to get MYSELF a better car.  There are a few considerations to take into account these days, matter of fact.

So…  *deep breath*…  I’m not sure which will be my next step.  I’m definitely thinking a lot of things through these days and giving serious consideration to just walking away, even if only for a few weeks, and letting things ride.

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