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Liking IT More

We’re about a week into the new Internet/TV/phone service and delighted with the change, all the way around.  I hadn’t heard the name but G and my sister both pointed out it’s actually a very big company.  In fact it’s the replacement for our old land-line phone service for the region.  Knowing that makes me feel considerably better.  And G did a turnaround – he was irked at me for changing without talking to him about it (a valid gripe) but loves the new service.

The upgrade literally gives us dedicated lines for everything.  The Internet is DSL, which has come a long, long ways from back when high speed was still a newfangled thing.  It’s stable and very, very fast, plus more secure than cable.  We upgraded from the baseline upload speed, though, which was as slow as the download speed was fast.

Not that I’ve gotten to use it much.  The past several nights I’ve crashed and burned in a big way.  Came home from work, scarfed down a quick bite and fell asleep until time to get up for work the next morning, and barely even that.  It’s not just one thing and I won’t go into every ache and pain here; suffice to say that today was the perfect storm of physical issues and I ended up calling out.  I hate like crazy to use up my paid time off for sick time, but partway on the drive in I realized it wasn’t going to be a good idea to continue.  I barely made it back home.

G got the printer working on the network.  About damned time he took on that stuff.  I believe a lot of the problem is “want-the-wifey-to-do-it-itis” more than anything else.  He’s neither stupid nor inept, just too lazy to even attempt it himself, lol.  Fortunately that doesn’t extend to other areas; I still don’t lift a finger at home except the occasional meal.

Little Guy is at his other grandma’s house until Sunday.  It’s too quiet with him gone for so long!  He’s been at his daddy’s house for the past two weeks because the daddy arranged for him to have swimming lessons.

My daughter has been trying to figure out how to manage her school this next semester without me to babysit.  I felt a little guilty, not because of her but because Little Guy has always spent her school nights with me.  I hated to change that schedule for his sake.  As it worked out we reached a compromise: his dad and dad’s girlfriend will be keeping Little Guy for three out of the four nights a week and I’ll keep him one.  I can handle one night, just not four.  This way daughter doesn’t have to dredge up money she doesn’t have for a babysitter and Little Guy doesn’t have a huge upheaval with a new sitter and new rules.  I love my little grandson to death, too, and he needs his quality time with grandma – just a little less of it.

This time next year he’ll be old enough to go to the child care center at the college, if daughter hasn’t gotten her degree wrapped up by then.

Summer has officially arrived, with temps around 110 degrees.  Not like it’s a big surprise.  The clouds are starting to accumulate in the afternoons, also typical for this time of year.  In another couple of weeks or so we should see the start of the monsoon rains.  Last year we got deluged at the end of July, right when we moved.  I was glad I was off work those days because you pretty much couldn’t get through – all the roads were flooded.  It doesn’t last, obviously – all the street flooding runs off within a couple of hours as a rule of thumb.   I would prefer it changes the time pattern a little though.  Driving to work at o’dark thirty in the morning is no fun when it’s raining so hard you can’t see the road.

Our back yard looks pretty good now that G has a lawn mower.  (Yard sale find for cheap, an electric mower like he wanted so we minimize pollution.)  We want to begin augmenting its plantings soon, starting with a tree next fall.  Can’t plant here in the summer; anything you plant will be roasted to a crisp within short order.  You plant in the fall, give plants a nice mild winter to establish themselves, and you’re good to go the next year.   We want to put an arbor and some pavers out, too.

Ambition is good.  The time and money to do it are better, heh.

G is very big on ecology; he doesn’t do anything with gas tools if electric is available, is adamant about recycling.  When he walks the dog he carries an extra plastic gr0cery bag, picking up any recyclables along the way.  (Any trash, too, for that matter.)

I’ve added another couple of favorites to my links, including Lose Weight by Eating.  The author also lives with chronic health issues and I’m looking forward to her pain-relieving recipes.  I swiped the link from Terri and did the same for another new subscription, Hil the Thrill.  Hil is awesome – I only read a couple of her posts but in the most current one she describes her foray into a tea party with a conservative Christian home-schooling mommy and her daughters.  Hil describes herself as a tattooed, divorced, feminist, liberal, peace-loving, pro marriage equality, pierced, vegan Wiccan.  Bravo for both sides for crossing that theological bridge.

Better yet, the bridge wasn’t booby trapped and nobody died in the resultant encounter.

Obviously nothing earth-shaking going on here, which is a good thing.

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