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Let’s Do The Time Warp Today

Some days you scratch your head and wonder if you indeed managed to scoot back in time. Today was one of those days.

Doctor Who is on TV. Star Wars in theaters. Now the X-Files is back. What year are we in again?

The X-Files was what got me online in the first place; it fascinated me and I discovered there were tens of thousands of like-minded nut-cases who visited its official forum.

Of course the official X-Files forum has long since been closed, but the forum structure behind it, Delphi Forums, still exists. It seems quaint and antiquated now, but in a good way. I’m still friends with fellow philes, going on twenty years later. That’s a crazy record. We all decided to sneak back in and take a look at a shared forum – and so, as it turned out, did countless others of our old friends. We went from a core group of less than a dozen to a core group of maybe 100, each of us squee-ing like the kids we were back when the show was a thing. Yeah, the updated show isn’t going to win an Emmy this time around, but the gathering of friends is worth its weight in gold.

Time didn’t stand still. We have a whole passel of grandchildren who didn’t exist in 2001-ish, including one (pictures above) who’s just over two weeks old. I have a husband I hadn’t met back then. I just officially published book #2, which is a whole different animal from my first one. (Link is on the right side of the page.) A lot easier process this time, all the way around. I learned a few tricks of the trade over the past three years. The double irony is that it’s getting picked up by people I don’t even know. My post on Facebook was shared by a complete stranger. I never saw his name before. I think it’s awesome, just surprising.

The clock business is moving forward, albeit slowly. We decided on the name Lost Dutchman Clocks. If you’re not familiar, the Lost Dutchman is an Arizona legend based on fact. The original “Lost Dutchman” was German (Deutsch man) rather than Dutch, but in our case it was the perfect name. If you’ve seen Legend of the Superstition Mountains on the History Channel, you’ve got the gist of things. Of course it’s just this side of double entendre in our case, since my husband is in fact Dutch. I design the clocks, hubby builds them. We also are thinking of a less expensive line where we build clocks into vintage cigar boxes. Lord knows we’ve got enough of those. I bought a bunch to be used in another project, but don’t have the time to mess with that project on top of everything else.

The business plan for Greenhouse Servers is giving me a headache. It’s predominantly numbers that I don’t know. You have to make them up as you go along and justify where you got them. It asks you to describe your business strengths and weaknesses, and project the customer base, broken down into percentiles per customer category, and how are you gonna market to them anyway? It’s a pain in the ass now, but in reality I recognize how valuable it is to business development. We’ve got the technical end of it close to 100%, so now it’s my turn to get the executive end of it started. I’ll officially be the CEO and my partner COO. We both are glad we don’t have to do the other’s job.

In the meantime I’m of course working my way through the disability maze. If the business explodes, SSD will become a moot point. I’m still not counting my hatches before they’re chicken.

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