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Let Us Spray, O Yay

Just FYI: when you get spray cologne at Bath & Body Works and it’s a tad too bitter for you (Citrus, heavy on the lemon and grapefruit) you may be able to achieve magic by adding a single floral note, specifically lily of the valley.  I have found my new favorite perfume and it’s a mixed spritz.

Betcha can’t say that five times fast!

Youngest daughter treated me to a foot massage today but it was actually a combination foot and lower leg massage and accupressure.  The massage part was heaven.  The accupressure hurt like hell, but since that generally means it’s addressing problems I gritted my teeth and bore it.  I also got another off the cuff diagnosis, and bit my tongue not to chortle at it.  I have no doubt the massage lady was right – I nearly came out of my chair when she hit that specific nerve – but when my MD’s have for years dismissed me for essentially  faking everything, it just makes me shake my head when someone states the obvious.  I guess an medical degree entitles you to ignore the facts when it’s something you can’t fix (or can’t bill.  Same thing.)  That’s really it, too.  My MD states baldly, “All we can do is control the symptoms.”  He can’t even do that.

By the way, some of this remains an obvious physical issue.  There is a good 3″ difference in the height of my knees when my legs were held straight out on a flat surface, for starters. (Swelling and inflammation, you say?  Naaaah.  Just faking it.)  The other observations were comparably blatant.

Enough whining about physical crap.  I’m bringing myself down and it’s actually been a decent day, in an offbeat sort of way.  I had an excellent day at work today except one minor little nit-pickish issue.  We recently won an award of some kind and our reward (I am using the term VERY loosely here) was to select a sports jersey.  Whoopity doo.  I guess the guys on the team were happy about it anyway.  God knows they’re expensive as all get out but I could’ve spent half as much and actually gotten something I would use.

I requested an XL, with the plans to give it to the daughter’s sports-addled addicted boyfriend.  Ummm.. not happening.  They apparently took one look at me and ordered a children’s size, me being so tiny and all.  It sure as hell ain’t XL for any adult, I don’t give a shit what the tag says.  So I have a very disappointed daughter’s BF and a useless hank of polyester with plastic numbers on it.  I guess I will find some kid who wants it, or maybe I’ll sell it on eBay.  Topping that, I was notified I was among a group that won another prize – a video game for a game system even my kids don’t have.  My youngest son finally said he though the could beg, borrow or steal the right game system, and was jazzed about which game I could choose.  Again, pricey item, just totally not for me or for the majority of people who actually won the stupid thing, heh.

Here’s to another win this month.  This month’s award is worth the effort.  A nice big fat taxes-paid check in my name made payable to a local membership store that carries pretty much anything you can imagine…

I can handle that.

And there was yet another moment of AWESOME today.  As Poolie and I often discuss, I have a fat head.  Errr… a big head.  Big hat size, all that jazz.  I also have Big Hair, even when it’s smoothed down.  I love those big fat hair clips, the kind you just wrap around your hair.  Trouble was, I only found one, ever, anywhere, that was heavy enough and big enough to hold my hair, and after many a year it finally disintegrated a few months ago.

Today I found not one but two of the perfect industrial-strength and humongo-sized clippies!  And it was buy one get the second for half price.  And the original price was less than what I’d found for a good one anywhere else, even of the teensy variety, so both of them together cost me less than I’d have paid for just one that wasn’t half as good.  Now THAT is something to celebrate.

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