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Lemon, No Meringue

I spent the better part of this afternoon on the book rewrite, while trying very hard not to throw something at my computer.  It’s not the computer’s fault that the deeper I go into the story the more holes I find.  Gah!  I knew I’d hit that point though, knew I had some areas where seriously massive rewriting would be necessary.  What I didn’t count on was another book, one copyrighted 1999, which pretty much lifts all of my first chapter.  One line of dialogue was damned close to verbatim.  I just started reading this book last night and got hit with a massive sense of deja vu.

It definitely wasn’t plagiarism on either side.   I originally started writing this story back in the 1980’s so couldn’t be on my part.  I didn’t share this story with anyone except family until the 2000’s, so either way you slice it, it’s just a bizarre coincidence.  But it’s yet another line of rewrites because um, yeah – not interested in anyone claiming I stole from their work.  And after that initial segment things veer into widely different directions, thank goodness, but yeesh.  I get that the introductory portion is a fairly well-known plot device, but honestly couldn’t figure out any other way to launch the story and I’m not about to go back and start from scratch on that part now.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch… we did leftovers for dinner and I whipped up a couple of lemon pies.  No, no meringue, as my title pointed out.  Too lazy to do meringue, especially when I’m not partial to the stuff anyway.  Meringue is nothing but egg whites, sugar, and a little bit of vanilla, anyway.  Tastes a bit like marshmallows and who needs marshmallows when you’ve got lemon pie?

One more day off then back to the grindstone.  I submitted my job application for the department transfer and crossing my fingers there.  Hate switching jobs even within the same company, and know if this doesn’t fly I’ve got to start looking elsewhere.  That prospect, despite having real marketable skills, is not one I relish.  I’ve been relatively fortunate on the ageism front so far, but I’m not stupid.  Sooner or later it’ll catch up with me, particularly in the current job climate.  On the other hand, better someone like me who’s got a good job history than the younger daughter’s boyfriend.  He can’t buy a job these days because – hello! – he’s a flake and a jerk.

G’s sister sent me more photos of her and her family.  I knew she was older than G.  Not sure she looks older, though I gather there are several years between them.  I do find it odd that no one smiles in their photos.  Different culture, I suppose; here it’s expected, there it apparently isn’t because you see it in virtually none of their photographs.

I guess I’m going to have to sign off now.  This computer has a massive attitude going on and it’s pissing me off.  I’ve had it lock up now several times.  It’s an older computer and I’m hoping it’s not about to die the same gruesome death of my previous machine.  That’s what happened just before my HP bit the dust.

All right.  I have a piece of lemon pie calling my name.  I’ll save you a piece, MAYBE.

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