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Lean Mean Clean Machine

I am a slob.

I’m good at it, too; been practicing for years.  Not dirty, mind you – that’s a whole ‘nother issue.  I won’t cook a meal unless and until the kitchen is spotless, for example.  But when I come home from work, my shoes frequently get kicked under a small table in the living room and my purse lands on top of the same table.  It’s easy and I know where they are when I have to get up at o’dark thirty the next morning.  I have voluntarily given up the tendency to do the same with other wearables.  (Okay, maybe not in the living room.   More likely on the bed.)  G would have a stroke.

G is not a slob.  In fact, G is a class-A Neat Freak.  It’s one of the few areas where we argue.  It drives him bonkers if I leave my shoes out of the closet and it drives me crazy because he bitches about it.  It’s a toss-up who wins the arguments.  About half the time I move the shoes and half I don’t.

Today, however, we both agreed to tackle our storage (which is more accurately the lack thereof) in the kitchen, which entailed going through, rearranging and culling all the various mismatched crap cluttering the cabinets and counter tops.  (Alliteration much, ya think?)  We’re working in shifts because continuous time on my feet is necessarily limited.

I started collecting old Pyrex a while back, mainly the solid-colored bowls in the style of the 1940’s-1950’s.  I’ve also got a couple of casseroles with lids.  They’re the kind my mom had in the kitchen when I was a kid and they are nearly indestructible.

Of course it’s that “nearly” part that gets you, because they are glass and lots have been broken over the years.  I have a few of the bigger bowls but am constantly on the lookout for the smaller ones.  Have only found them once, at a silent auction, and they were too rich for my blood unfortunately.  (It was a complete set in a hard-to-find color, so the price was still not bad for the set, just more than I could spend.)

Pyrex Bowls

I use these bowls ALL the time.  They’re the perfect sizes for mixing up bread, cake, salad, whatever.  They’re part of our growing collection of colorful and intentionally-mismatched glassware and stoneware – same clean style, different colors.

I also have a set of French white casseroles and such – again, very clean lines, no fuss.  Of course there’s no issue of mismatches there.

The bowls and casseroles and crockery were stashed in our limited cabinet space, whilst less attractive pots and pans, crock pots and such were on display on the open hallway shelving.  By mutual agreement, G and I swapped out and reversed the arrangement.  Some of the pans are still on the open shelves because we don’t have enough space in the kitchen cabinets, but overall it’s looking MUCH better.

It’s also cleaner, because we wiped everything down with disinfectant.  (Yeah, I know – chemicals, chemicals.)

With clearing things out, we were also able to eliminate one small metal cabinet from the hallway.  (It was reassigned to the laundry room, where it is a much better fit for size and style, anyway.)  We’re still using a tall metal cabinet that’s ugly as sin and I’d like to lose.  It holds glasses and plates and such.  Eventually we hope to replace ALL the open shelving and metal stuff with one humongous china cabinet.  For the moment my wallet disagrees, so we deal.

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