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Lazy Dazy Sunday

We were going to do a picnic today.  That’s been the plan forever.  Then we got a wee bit sidetracked by the ungodly number of hours I’m working in conjunction with all the physical crapola that decided to re-assert itself like gangbusters both for me AND G.  So instead of the picnic we’re having our sammiches for lunch and I just wrapped up a three-hour nap while G’s just starting his.  We’ve been planning this ever since we got together and something comes up every time we decide to do it.  It’s this romantic fantasy thing for G – an American picnic.  Not the version where we end up under a blanket, just a nice sweet day while the weather’s nice, maybe a minor incursion of ants, the typical G-rated story.

One of these days I’ll plan it out and just kidnap him.  It’s the only way we’ll ever accomplish the deed.

We jointly decided instead to get house plants this year as our Valentines for one another.  G’s got very specific ideas and I like them so we’ll try to match those up as much as possible.  He wants something along the line of a matched pair of topiaries on either side of the fireplace.  We already have the large pots to accommodate them and this is planting time locally so a wide variety of plants are available, most of them for a song.

I intend to also invest in a water garden – a very large clear vase, a water-loving plant (probably bamboo) and one of the little male Betta fish.   I’ve seen those done beautifully before and think they’re awesome.  The fish actually both provides a degree of fertilizer for the plant, the plant offers the fish a playground and I think a small amount of foodstuff, and it can be really pretty.  I definitely want some bamboo in the house, have wanted that for a long time.  But if bamboo isn’t doable there’s always golden pothos – they’re nearly indestructible and always look good and I know they’re safe for the fish.

This entry is nicely stress- and drama-free today and that suits me just fine.  Even after my nap today I’m just drained, and have several more weeks of this before getting a real break.  Lucky for me once I DO get past this blitz I’ve got lots of vacation hours available and I am planning to take a few days off.  Thank God for PTO!

G is also going to build us a plant table.  We talked about it and we both love mission-style furniture, which is fortunately all straight lines.  Granted, the best versions include mortise and tenon joinery, which requires tools he doesn’t have, but he definitely has the capability of making something respectable even with the limitations he’s got now.  He’s actually got carpentry in his blood; his grandfather and his father were furniture makers and G did his turn in the family business.  It’s not something he wants to do for a living but it’s definitely a favored hobby, which certainly doesn’t break MY heart.

With what we’re planning I think it can probably be made for a reasonable cost and it’ll give hubby a project to make him happy.  Everybody wins.

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