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Late Night Munchies

This weekend was too.  Short.

Now in all fairness, I just concluded a one-day work week, thanks to a lovely run-in with bronchitis.  Unfortunately the stuff really isn’t going away.  I have another doctor’s appointment scheduled for Friday, and I’m definitely better now than I was at the beginning of the week; but yeesh, I’m tired of coughing and wheezing and all the crapola that goes along with it.  Then today my tummy troubles returned with a (fortunately short-lived) vengeance.  I admittedly ate more today than I have in close to two weeks, but it was hardly the kind of stuff to rip up my digestive track.  Dinner was homemade pea soup and a biscuit.

With all the prescription meds I’ve been imbibing, I have curbed the herbal stuff for the last several days.  Science and medicine aren’t yet willing to admit that herbal meds work (at least most of them aren’t willing to acknowledge the fact.)  However, they DO warn that herbal concoctions may interact with prescription stuff.  And I was taking a LOT of herbal stuff before I got smacked with this ickness.

One more thing I do like about my Doctor?  He asked if I was taking herbal meds; when I rattled off the list, he simply asked me why I WASN’T taking glucosamine & chondroitin for my knee.  He then gave me a look that, if translated into a physical gesture, would’ve been a finger-flick to the middle of my forehead.  It was a “Hey STUPID, why are you ignoring the obvious?” kind of motion.  I told him I’d taken it briefly.  I didn’t tell him I stopped only because I’d run out of the gluco/chon mix and ran out of money.  It’s unfortunately one of the most pricey herbal cocktails out there.  Does it help?  Absolutely.  But $40 a month on top of all my other expenses, and I just couldn’t cover it any more.  he flat-out told me to buy it and USE it, no excuses.

Luckily I found a kick-ass deal on it the following day, paid less than half what I paid previously, and got a stronger concentration to boot.

I’m supposed to be sleeping about now.  Unfortunately my body had other ideas, opting for one of those uncontrolled coughing sprees the moment I tried getting horizontal.  I need to turn in again, though, because o’dark thirty in the morning I’m back to the grindstone.  Of course I’m lucky enough to live in Arizona, which means none of that Daylight Savings crap that plagues the rest of the planet.  We’re one time zone all year around.  So when my alarm goes off at XX o’clock it actually REMAINS XX o’clock, without any arbitrary governmental requirement that my body get jerked out of bed an hour earlier and lied to with claims it’s actually the same time.

Heh.  It’s the one thing I actually LIKE about living in this state.

Overall it was a pretty lazy weekend.  We did a bit of running around, but very little.  Didn’t get much by way of groceries, picked up a couple of more books, but mostly I camped out in front of the television.  Mindless-R-Us was my motto for the weekend.  The cough syrup I’m taking definitely helps with the coughing, though it doesn’t wholly curb it.  It does kick my ass in a big way though.  Keeping in mind I’m completely blitzed on one drink, you can imagine what a narcotic-level cough syrup does to me.  I’m frigging buzzing along and half asleep shortly after taking it.

Still beats the hell out of coughing up a lung.

Today’s grand tour involved picking up some orange sherbet – literally a forbidden fruit in my case since I’m allergic to oranges.  But I love the stuff to death and was willing to risk a bite of the artificially flavored variety.  Yum!

I’ve got so many self-help books on my bookshelf now it’s ludicrous; but I had TiVo’d a show this week called, “Change Your Brain, Change Your Body.” Infomercial or not, it was interesting stuff on losing weight.  I may check it out further.  We’ll see.

Just one side note before calling it a night.  Back in the day when I originally signed on at Diaryland, I frequented another Diaryland blog penned by a twenty-something single woman.  Can’t recall her actual blog name then; since, however, she and a friend have elevated blogging to a newspaper column on celebrity styles.  The title of their page is, and it’s just as bitchy and funny as the name suggests.  It’s not quite the same as reading a real-life Sex and the City narrative, but it’s still worth the read.

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