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Krazy or Knot

The past two days have been a blur of cramming for tomorrow’s interview.

Oops – just realized looking my last entry that I didn’t mention I have an interview for the department switch.  Which, considering I didn’t find out until late Thursday and my last entry was posted earlier Thursday, is perfectly logical, right?

Here’s hoping I can ace the interview, which is part verbal test.  At least one person who interviewed bombed pretty horribly.  Ergo the homework aspect.  I may not be able to give the “perfect” answer but can at least explain my reasoning, which counts for a lot too. I’m glad, too, that I took the time to write a quick thank-you note to the reps who allowed me to sit with them last week.  I suspect not too many people do that.  One of the advantages of being an old fart: you know the proper etiquette and actually take the time to DO it!

The job will be a good fit if it happens, different sort of stress and should offer a bit more payroll stability along the way, too.

Youngest son has split up with his girlfriend yet again.  As I commented to him with a shrug, “Hey, it’s become habit.”  Whether or not it’ll stick this time, who knows?  This is about the fifth or sixth breakup in as many months.  They end up back together, get verbally obnoxious with one another and voilà!  Alone again, naturally.  (With apologies to Gilbert O’Sullivan.)  Different tact this time as he decided to come camp out on Mom’s sofa for a while.  I know him well enough to gather that won’t last either.  He’s the only one of my kids who’s genuinely independent.  Unfortunately he’s also bossy as heck (so is the girlfriend – hence the ongoing breakups).  First time he tries telling me or G what to do and it falls flat it will occur to him that mebbe it’s not in his best interests to camp out at Mama’s place.  At least with D there won’t be an issue of him sucking up our money.  He makes more than I do, by a pretty wide margin in fact, and when he wants something he’ll just buy it instead of begging to borrow $$ from me.

The downside to the crash-course in the departmental workings for the pending transfer (and I do believe I’ll get it) is that I haven’t had the chance to do any real writing this weekend.  Urg.  I wanted to slam out some more on the book, so I can get it published, for crying out loud. Oh well, first things first.  I need more reliable income in the interim and need to make this switch for the sake of my sanity AND my body.  Did I mention that with the transfer I will also be sacrificing (haha!) the 3am wake-up every morning?  I probably will lose my M-F schedule but of the two I’d prefer to lose my weekends and get more livable hours.  Not sure exactly of the hours yet but earliest start time is 7am-ish, latest end is maybe 10pm-ish.  So yeah, infinitely more doable.

So cross your fingers and all that jazz, and here’s hoping for a decent shot at making a job change (without having to go on a full-fledged start-from-scratch job hunt.)  Despite all the pain-in-the-ass crap at the level where I now work, the company as a whole still offers a better job environment overall than most anything out there.  That’s doubly true in the middle of the nation’s second great depression.  (Which, if anybody was remotely honest, is exactly what this is.)  There’s also my benefits – including health insurance and a pretty generous retirement package, among other things.  If something else comes along, something spectacular, great.  If and when that happens I’m golden.  I’m just willing to stick around a little longer and hope I can launch the writing career, so if and when I do jump ship it will hopefully be into smoother sailing.

On a different note, who besides me (and the folks I invited – if I missed you and you want in, let me know here) has signed up for Google+?  Right now it’s still invitation-only, according to the site.  Google’s answer to Facebook, with a similar if cleaner look overall. That’ll change once they start taking advertisers.   The whole social media blitz is overkill.  Unfortunately it’s also a necessary evil if and when I get the @#$% book published!

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