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Kicked Out

Yep, we were kicked out of work this morning.  Just my team, because basically, we’re the “senior” team (seniority in terms of how long the average member has been with the company) and because of the timing of our shift.   We were sitting 20 minutes between incoming calls, and that’s BEFORE the next five teams came in over the next few hours.  So yeah – unplanned day off!

No, I won’t be paid for anything beyond the couple of hours I worked; but no worries there because I worked OT yesterday so I’ll still have a typical paycheck next time around.  And it gives me an extra day to recuperate from the ick-ness that smacked me over the weekend.  I was not a terribly happy or healthy character as of Thursday last week; came home early and stayed here until yesterday, when I went in to a likewise dead day.  But because we were working on skeleton crew yesterday it was actually busier than today.

Of course I’ve got a few dozen projects I need to finish today, some for home and some for work.  Instead I’m camped out posting a blog entry.  Heh.

And going to bed.  I am definitely going to hit the sack for another hour or thereabouts.  Did I mention the viral bug that bit me did a number on my energy levels?  It ain’t pretty.  It ain’t even pretty compared to my normal “ain’t pretty”, and that’s pretty bad.  I’m right up there with a wet paper back in terms of my stamina today.  A very thin, very well-saturated, non-waxed paper bag, that’s me.

We got our $25 Staples gift card in the mail a few days back and turned in 9 printer ink cartridges.  Staples has a program that gives you store credit at $2 per empty cartridge you turn in (it was still $3 per until July 1, and we beat the deadline.)  I belong to, which is kind of annoying if I were using my primary email for all the spam; but since I have an email dedicated specifically to the spam it is a cool way to get stuff.  This is my second free gift card; the first one, about a year back, was for JC Penney.  Literally all you have to do is click links to get your points, though you also get points for surveys (not worth it) or online purchases from any merchants on their list.  Since their list includes both eBay and Wally World, I’ve had the occasional purchase to nudge my numbers forward.  Takes me about a year to accumulate enough points for the card, but I don’t have to devote much time to it and it works.

The current drive is to get a new printer.  My old printer works from a purely functional standpoint.  Unfortunately since we downgraded from Win 7 back to XP, my printer hasn’t liked me.  At least the scanner part doesn’t, and the printer part has more than ever a tendency to munch my paper without spitting out a print.

Since G’s printer has virtually given up the ghost already, we are making plans to buy a new one.  Between ink cartridges and gift card we’re ahead about $52 already, and for free.

Well mostly for free.  The ink cartridges are from our own printers and from those of a sympathetic neighbor.

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