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Youngest grandson is now asleep a couple of feet away and youngest daughter announced she is moving back in.  G is borderline livid and I can’t say I blame him too much.  I pointed out to the 26-year-old child unit that our house is NOT a revolving door and she had to make up her mind once and for all.  Period.

Daughter got snippy about it but I pointed out to her that if we’re going to clear out our office to accommodate her and grandson it means a hell of a lot of work for G and her timing is pure shit.  She shows up on the night before I’m having surgery, for pity’s sake, when I am pretty much already immobilized.  The one upside is that at least we’re no longer solely dependent on G’s cooking, provided she sticks around longer than a day or two.  Yeesh.

Drama queen much, ya think?

Child unit was camped out with her older sister and sis’s boyfriend, along with younger sister’s boyfriend.  The two guys bonded and older sister isn’t emotionally stable enough to deal with the fallout.  So guess that means mom picks up the slack.  Gah!

I knew it was a matter of time, hence the search for a 3/2 or a 4/2 house.  But now – the timing sucketh bigtime.

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