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Karma’s a Bitch, Ain’t It?

Through all the financial morasss where so many banks were crippled and the entire nation paid for fiscal mismanagement at the highest levels, a few players came through with little more than scratches on the nose and a torn knee in their proverbial jeans.  Probably the bank least affected by the crash was Bank of America, an institution with business practices so atrocious there’s a site dedicated to airing the way they rip people off.  B of A is at the forefront of foreclosing on homes they didn’t own, homes where the owners weren’t actually in default on their loans, and so on.  B of A tends to ignore minor technicalities like that in their bulldozer approach to grubbing… er, grabbing properties.

Sometimes the little guy wins.  This couple may well become the heroes to a generation:

Tables Turn: Deputies and movers show up at bank to seize property for homeowner

In short, the court decision went against B of A for foreclosing on a home they’d sold for cash.  B of A didn’t pay what the court ordered to pay, and the couple got a court order to seize property.  About time the courts did what they were supposed to do.

This weekend is going to be a reading/writing glut.  I am determined to finish what I started – getting everything ready for publication, whether I publish on ReadWriteGo or on Amazon remains to be seen.  I would love to launch RRG but there’s no way with only two good submissions, and all the other really good writers I know are in the same boat I’m in.  We’ve got ideas and ability but no time to write.   And there’s the difference in being exposed immediately on Amazon vs. the time it’ll take me to get the info out on RRG once it’s live.  I figure I have a responsibility not only to myself to make more money.  I also have that responsibility to my friends who are writers.  Terri will attest to that – I’m still going to beta her work for errors, but am recommending she post to Amazon because there she’ll have exposures to countless readers.  She deserves it.  We all do.

(If you want to publish but don’t know how to  publish to Amazon, let me know.  I’ll send you the link.)

For those like me who want to do something creative but haven’t got the luxury of time because we’re committing psychological suicide working to feed ourselves, there are a couple of options out there to get funding.  There are numerous grants and fellowships for writers.  (Link here goes to examples I found on Google at first try.)  There is also a site called Kickstarters dedicated to supporting almost any kind of creative endeavor.  If your talent is enough to carry you once it’s out there for the world to see, these are great options to get moving.  I am to the point of putting where my money where my mouth is, by the way.

Or maybe it’s their money where my mouth is?  Not sure how that works, heh.

Being the lightweight that I am, I was hurting and exhausted last night and took a couple of Tylenol PM so I rest uninterrupted.  I slept through thirteen hours, and only woke then because G was worried about me and woke me up.  What a difference in how I am feeling!  Whether the Tylenol part did it or the uninterrupted sleep I don’t know and don’t care. It just feels awesome to be relatively pain free.

After talking to my oldest daughter I guess the baby doesn’t have a club foot, per se.  All the parts are present and accounted for but the muscles and tendons were misshapen so his foot was turned.  That’s why they can correct with a cast.  The little guy is DEFINITELY less than thrilled with the cast, but they’re hoping it will correct the problem in a minimum of time.  They’ll be checking him in a couple of weeks to see how he’s doing.  No doubt the close time frames are also because he’s growing so fast now to let it go longer could actually damage the foot and leg instead of helping.

Other little guy tested positive for cystic fibrosis in a preliminary test at the hospital.  They will be following up but he displays no symptoms and that test has a 90% false positive record. With that kind of record the test itself should be discarded altogether.  What the hell good is a test that gets it wrong 90% of the time???

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