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Kan I Haz Bettur Speulling Pleeze?

This may be the new low in bad spelling on Craigslist.  I mean, really, this has to be the WORST I’ve ever seen to date:

Free stuff [city name]
Date: 2010-07-18, 9:21AM MST
Reply to: *********** [Errors when replying to ads?]

Free doglou for xtra-large dogs Free hammic free standing hase a green frame and white netting. Free blue coutches. Free kitchen table Wood these things are old but stillo work table has 2 chars the cheep kind you get at frys but hay it is free. Free firewood not much but it is free like 50 pounds worth and free cinderblocks only a few. come see or call 480 ***-*** or [Address] can sit items outfront take what you want will only put out front uoon request thanks

I mean, come on…  Whoever typed this could spell “cinderblocks” (albeit in a single word rather than two) but not “chairs“???  How drunk WERE they when typing this (and so early in the morning!)  I was willing to give them a break on the Dogloo (vs. their spelling of “doglou”) and “sit” vs. “set”, but not when you throw the rest of it in.  I won’t even bother addressing the punctuation murder above. I actually linked to the article if you think I’m making this stuff up.  Hopefully the writer has sobered up enough to delete it, but still…

Meanwhile back at the ranch, I thought it was kind of cool that they believe they’ve found King Arthur’s Round Table.  The gist is that rather than being an actual table, in the context of a piece of furniture, the fabled “Round Table” is a circular building that would hold hundreds of officials as needed.   Intriguing theory which would really make a lot of sense if it turns out to be true.  Of course as the article indicates, it also comes down to whether or not you believe King Arthur actually existed at all, which is still a historical mystery.

In somewhat more recent and local history, G quietly cleared out a section of our video library.  He mentioned it to me in passing, explaining that he wanted none of the movies in question.  Anything containing Mel Gibson was relegated to the Circular File.  Obviously our personal excommunication will have no impact on the Mel Machine.  But G expressed softly and vehemently his disgust with any man – actor or otherwise – who would behave in such a vile manner.  Even if you discount the possibility that the recently released audio recordings could be doctored, this man still dumped his wife of decades to live with a much younger woman.  He’s definitely let loose with racially-based epithets and more.  There’s reason to believe he assaulted a woman while she was holding his child.

As of today, Mel Gibson holds no corner in our house.  Not even one liberally coated with dust.

I hope the general public reacts comparably the next time this man (and I use the term loosely) releases a feature film.

For those of you who, like me, are positively addicted to Girl Scout Crack, aka Thin Mints cookies?  Keebler has them, calls them Grasshoppers, and they’re on sale cheap at Fry’s grocery stores for $1.49 a package this week.  That’d be my public service announcement of the day.  I’m off now to warm up some late lunch!

Otherwise it’s been a nice quiet weekend and I’m liking it that way.  Going to warm up leftovers for lunch and dinner and camp out with a book for a while.  I made a big panful of potato soup yesterday, plus some goulash (my version, which is pretty much spaghetti sauce with lots of chopped veggies, mixed with elbow or in this case, rainbow spiral mac.)  I’m all about the easy!  Laptop and all, I need to give my arm and my neck some rest.  Reno the wonder dog decided to do the Doggie 500 all over the bed this morning early.  (Not 500 body excrements, nothing so rude.  He simply decided my sleeping body was the ideal raceway.  Ergo, 22 pounds of puppy racing over and under and around.  Until I was finally too awake to kill him.)

Hope everyone else’s weekend is nice and peaceful, minus any Doggy 500 laps!

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