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Just Middle-Weeking Along

I took the day off to get a couple of routine (I thought) doctors’ appointments done.  Unfortunately I have a sneaky feeling both are going to result in being told, “Um, yeah, about that easy fix: no such luck.”

Been to the osteo specialist for my knee – for the first visit.  I was looking forward to relief a la a cortisone injection and go on my merry way, with the understanding that sooner or later I’d have to bite the bullet and get a knee replacement.  But nooooo!  That would be entirely too easy, wouldn’t it?  X-rays point to something a bit more challenging and probably surgery-inducing, which I literally cannot afford right now.  Torn stuff, which didn’t play nice and heal on its own with ice and whatnot over the past few years.  So instead of relief I get to go back and get an MRI this week and follow up next week, which will be sucking up more time and money.

At least I’ve got an answer now to the people who were positive that it’s all in my head, or that I was just faking the whole damned thing.

Second appointment is just preliminary to some routine tests.  Given my family history and some other minor annoyances I am sure there will be a recommendation of (again, minor) surgery there too, only that one’s gonna definitely have to wait a bit if it happens at all.  Barring something really outrageous, what I anticipate is not life threatening (nor dangerous) and not a thousandth as much grief as this damned knee.

If I can get the knee actually FIXED it will be awesome to regain my mobility.  I’m sick and tired of not being able to walk more than a few hundred feet without being debilitated for days afterward; and God forbid I have to deal with stairs!  Never thought I’d see the days I thought of a staircase as a pleasure, heh.

Interesting twist at work – a couple of months ago I interviewed for a transfer I didn’t get.  Bummer.  I was looking at another lateral move with kind of a jaded eye; not so much that I didn’t want it as that I figured the interview process for someone my age is just this side of pointless.  (Ageism is still huge, doubly so in the current economy.)  Lo and behold, yesterday I got the word: I start next month, AND get to keep my M-F days schedule, albeit starting slightly later in the morning. I’m WAY good with that.

Gotta get moving to doctor #2.  Maybe I’ll post more when I get back.

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