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Jiggity Jog

We looked at house.  We drooled.  We want.

The place we viewed yesterday was 3BR 2BA, over 1500 sf, and in need of some fixin’.  It’s also way the Hell out in the boonies.  And you know what?  It’s worth the drive.  Our payments would drop AND we’d have it paid off in less than 5 years.  Love the view, love the fact that it’s a corner lot with an actual yard, love the fact that there aren’t any neighbors close enough that when you fart they get the downwind.  And did I mention it would be paid off in less than 5 years???  And that it would double the space we now have and would be OUR OWN HOME???

Only problem is the timing.  We still have a couple of months in this place and there’s simply no way I can cover rent AND mortgage, not on top of scraping up the down payment.  If it’s still there a month from now I’ll give it my best shot, though.

Just so you know where I’m coming from:

This fireplace is nice on its own but it even has a built-in blower, so it’s effectively a furnace.  The living room is about three times the size of the one we’ve got here.  (Forgot to snap pics.  Too busy drooling.)

The kitchen has a lot of storage and a respectable amount of counter space.  It is in need of some updates, but nothing we can’t handle.  One thing G can do is carpentry-related stuff and painting.  The cabinets will be fine with just a coat of paint; the countertops will need a bit more intensive TLC but easily doable.  Stove and Fridge are thisclose to being lost causes, but we can pick up both used on the cheap.  (Believe me, I’ve checked.)

The appliances there do work, they’re just rust buckets. That kind of surprises me given that the place is plunked down in the middle of the desert.  The one thing you rarely see around here is rust damage except in cars and such that have been left out in the elements for at least a few decades.  But there were no signs of roof leakage, nothing scary structurally thank God.

The mini-island shown in the kitchen pic at right is history.  Without it the kitchen is a comfortable size, much larger and better laid out than the kitchen-wannabe we now have.

Furnace and AC have new motors, and there’s a backup swamp cooler in need of a motor.  For anyone outside the state you won’t understand why I’d be fixing that tuit suite.  Swamp cooler=hugely cheaper than AC but just as effective in low-humidity conditions pre-monsoons.  One month would probably be plenty of savings to pay for a replacement motor.

G was already calculating what it would take to add on a full porch and a new floor for the storage shed and fence things in the rest of the way.

Yeah, it’s like that.

In short, while there are some things that need to be done, most of what’s needed is superficial.  Paint, flooring, a couple of appliances – a little-a this, a little-a that.  It’s livable as-is, and with a little effort could be a pretty respectable home.  And if it’s paid off in less than 5 years, we’re waaaay ahead of the game financially.

At the risk of being redundant, that would be a miracle.

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