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Jaw Connects With Ground

It’s the weekend – thank goodness!  This week’s been a blur and it doesn’t break my heart that it’s over and done.  I’m about a week and a half out from surgery, then two weeks’ break.   The weekend after I go back to work, we’re supposed to attend the annual Christmas party.  Whether we actually go or not will depend on how I’m feeling obviously, and whether or not I’m wheeled.  No way I’m about to attempt a sports stadium on crutches.

Just when you thought it was safe to come back to the blog, I’ve got more house porn for you.  However we’ve shifted a bit to the west of where we were looking before, to a different community.  It’s still out there a ways, just not a whole lot of difference in the distance to my job (and less in-city driving.)  I hadn’t looked there precisely because it WAS out there further and it’s pretty remote from everything.  However, when on a whim I looked into what homes were available, the following sucked me right in.  This house, by the way, is listed for $85,000.  No, I’m not kidding.

Yeah, seriously. I have already been on the phone with my realtor this morning and we’re trying to double-check with the mortgage dude to be sure this area is still eligible for the zero-down program.  Pretty sure it is.  If I’m right about that part, we’re going to be doing a tour this week, count on it.  I’m still shocked out of my brain to see the kinds of homes you can buy there.  I thought the other area was ridiculously cheap, but this is a whole ‘nother level of, “Are you freaking KIDDING ME?”  Unless the drive is really nasty we may redirect our house hunt starting right now.

Lest you think I’m full of shit, here is a link to one of the public pages where the house is listed:

That specific house is the most amazing place on the list, though there were other beautiful homes ranging up around 2000sf and in a similar or lower price range. (I even saw stuff around 1500-1800 sf going for the 60K price range.  Unreal.)  It probably won’t surprise anyone to find that a lot of buyers are from out of state and more than a few from out of the country.   Both of the areas are within a 30 minute drive of the Phoenix metro area; this one is closer to Phoenix proper, the other is further east.

This particular community was really slammed hard by the economic crash, and it’s not without its considerations.  Unlike the city on the east side, this city is really out by itself.  There are no adjacent communities, just desert and Indian Reservation on all sides.  I haven’t asked yet about the crime rates and not sure about shopping and similar options in the area, though far as I know it’s got a Wally World and at least one or two of the chain grocery stores.

Suffice to say I’ll be doing some homework before I sign on any dotted lines.

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