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I’ve Got A New Book Without A Title

Much like the first book I pushed out to the masses a while back. (I think my masses total about 12 to date) I have another book that’s haunted me for a while, as it were. This time there are no dragons or magic, though there are some paranormal overtones in the sense of what may be ghosts or what may be past lives. I haven’t even decided whether to clarify or let the reader decide for themselves which is which.

The story is set in the real world in the now, and I think it would be considered suspense. It will depend on which direction the story drives. There will probably be an element of romance, though I don’t intend to make that the main thrust of the story (no tacky pun intended). There will definitely be adventure!

I’ve got the concept laid out in my mind. Executing it into writing is something else again.

The sequel to my first book has languished for a while. I hit a roadblock and a friend called me on a serious error that I truly have to fix. It pissed me right off, and she couldn’t have been more correct. In touching on that, she struck a nerve and simultaneously highlighted my single biggest weakness as a writer. I can write with logic and with intelligence, but if I don’t watch myself my characters lose their soul. They don’t have emotions: they have programming. Gah!

Writing means building not only worlds, but real people. People have foibles and weaknesses, and they most definitely have an emotional makeup. You might have one character who’s cold and distant, but you sure as hell shouldn’t make them all that way. Even the one whose makeup is chilly needs an emotional undercurrent or you lose your readers. It’s writing 101.

I know how to incorporate body language to charge emotion into my stories. I just need to go back and inject it into what I’ve written. Ergo, significant rewriting required. Blergh.

That’s okay. As much as I didn’t want to hear it, I most assuredly needed to hear it. If I don’t listen to advice I don’t want to hear, I never improve as a writer. Let’s face it – nobody likes hearing their glaring inadequacies pointed out!

With a working title now of Neptune’s Trident, the new book is still a nebulous thing. I have the concept in mind and know in general where I’m going, but still don’t have my “official” title pinpointed nor the full trajectory of the story laid out. I’m planning to borrow the name of a real (albeit deceased) remote family member for one of my protagonists, and waiting for the family’s permission to do so. I can rewrite with a different name and will do so if it in any way bothers them for me to name him accordingly. I need to map out my story arc a little better, too. I’ve got the beginning in place; I need at least a niggling idea of an ending, too, sooner or later, heh!

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