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It’s almost time for me to get up

I’m going to type in a quick entry here before trying – again – to go to bed. My body’s going go kick my ass for messing up its schedule to this degree, but what’re you gonna do?  At least I’m no longer in pain.

I finally gave G hell for his procrastination on the e-commerce project.  He’s giving me grief about another project where admittedly I’m the only one who can do it.  Difference is that while it’s a nice little family photo album and he put a lot of work into scanning things in, it’s exactly that: a family photo album.  What I’m asking him to do is, for us, literally life-and-death over the next few months.  I have to get that across to him somehow, in a way that’ll light a fire under his ass.

Which, if you know anything about Cancerians, is right up there with pulling teeth on saber-tooth tigers.

I did get to working a bit on ReadWriteGo in the background.  Trying to get to read Terri’s work (and looking forward to it muchly!)  I still want to make it happen but at this rate it’ll be a later launch date than I wanted.  Darn it.

Next weekend I’ve already scheduled myself another three-day weekend and I intend to rest again no mattter what.  I need to regroup in a big way to do what i need to do over the next few months.  Wish me luck.

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