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It’ll Get You Kilted

Sometimes I’m reminded of the good things about my job. Just when I’d thrown up my hands and become comfy with the idea of being flat broke in a few weeks, the powers that be did a radical shift, one that (so far anyway) seems to be working in my favor. I’m still expecting (and hoping for) an early retirement, but it’s been forestalled a bit by a significant switch around in the way the company does business.

I even got moved to a MUCH improved physical location in the office, in a spot that’s significantly more wheelchair friendly.

All of which wasn’t what I was originally going to talk about, but there you go.

The place I work (big name company, relatively few employees for the scope of what it does) has a pretty lenient dress code. I mean, in some parts of the world, casual Friday means not wearing a tie for men, and women can wear slacks. In my part of the world, there is no casual any day, because every day is casual on a whole ‘nother scale.

Case in point: since I work at a 24-7 high tech business and the majority of the business is conducted by either phone or Internet chat, the company approach is, “Wear what’s comfortable.” For some of the guys, that’s shorts year-around. For some of the night shift, it’s pajamas (yes, really) and nobody cares. I do think it’s tacky when I see some of the young women showing up in Miley Cyrus shorts and stripper heels, but it’s their choice. I hear your “don’t shame” and raise you “self respect” and leave it at that.

At least a couple of our guys routinely wear kilts. Now I’ll grant you, we’re geek central and come Halloween each year, a lot of our folks come in their Comic Con attire, but this isn’t costuming. We’re talking business black with a tasteful pewter buckle, alternating with understated plaids, houndstooth, etc. I saw my first dark khaki kilt a few days ago. It was the perfect mix of classy and casual.

Men in skirts are cool, but I resent the fact that there are no tassels. A proper kilt needs tassels, dammit. I’m just sayin’.

We also have a semi-professional pirate, and the young man is still around who dyes his hair leopard. The hair rules have also been relaxed, so now you also see hair in shades of magenta, blue, green, purple, and all hues through the spectrum. Guys can also wear hats now. In fact, my manager is known for his rotation of rather… unique… headgear. The company offers its own neon green and orange footwear and other wearable goodies. In fact, I’ve got a closet full of tee shirt swag, and that’s just the ones I kept.

On the home front, our back yard has become an actual garden these days. G’s happy with it now and I’m glad – we don’t really have space to plant anything else, anyway. It’s coming up on mid-May and it’s in the upper 70’s daytime. We got rain. Seriously, we never get rain this time of year. It’s awesome!

Our yard sale extravaganzas are starting to taper off now. The community sales will be back this fall, and in the interim it’ll be back to hit-and-miss.

I registered, as part of a partnership with a friend who’s an extreme coupon person. She goes to Wal Mart, leaving with $1000 worth of stuff and $300 more in her pocket than when she went in – legally so. I plan on picking her brain and the initial plan is to find a way to make this a phone app. I’m not sure it’s going to be viable for that, but if nothing else we should be able to put together a respectable website and monetize that. I figure if you pay $5 a month membership fee and not only DON’T spend money on groceries, but add a few hundred bucks to your pocket each month, it’s well worth it.

My plan is that for any surplus (and there will be surplus, that’s part and parcel with the extreme couponing) is going to first help my family members who need it, and anything beyond that gets donated to food banks. There are too many people in need for me to hoard things we don’t have the space to keep anyway.

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