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It can’t be winter, I have time off

I am still crossing my fingers for the contest, which ends next week.  So far we’re holding on in a respectable winning slot and should by rights stay there.  Added to that, I got approval for vacation days on both the day before Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving Day.

Why, you ask, would I not take off the Friday AFTER Thanksgiving rather than the reverse?

Elementary, my dear Watson.  Because I wanted it that way.

Seriously, I don’t plan to go near a store on Black Friday.  In fact, if I had a choice I’d avoid every store on the planet between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  (Unless we win the big shopping spree, in which case the store will be closed to all but the winning teams where I work.  I can handle that. )  It’s not that I dislike Christmas; it’s that the discount war zone is out of control.  I don’t intend to fight my way through checkout lines of people who are consistently rude, greedy and obnoxious.  Not long ago a person was trampled to death by shoppers who didn’t care who they hurt to get something cheap.  I personally think the whole crowd should’ve been charged with some version of homicide, because that’s precisely what it was.

With all that in mind, if I can’t make it I’ll order it online.

Unfortunately groceries aren’t that easy.  For a number of reasons we can’t get our Thanksgiving turkey until a day or so before.  (If you saw my fridge you’d understand.)  Urg.  I love giving goodies to my family and friends.  I just hate shopping once the holiday mutants are unleashed.

Okay so maybe I’m a modern-day, female Scrooge.  If so, I’m ready.  I always was a big fan of Ghost Hunters; this way I get a head start.

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