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Is Spam A Sign Of Success?

No, really.  I want to know.  I moved the blog here a few days ago, doing a juggling act because I knew there was no way I was renewing my existing hosting plan (more about that later), and already I’m getting spammers again.  They’re caught by the filter so no big deal, just didn’t expect it.

I forwarded the old domain but if you had me on Google Reader, please update your links.  Not sure how the transition will follow.

I had planned to upgrade my hosting.  And then reality hit like a sledgehammer.

1.  I am currently only semi-ambulatory.  The knee swelled up like a balloon again, meaning surgery is in my fairly imminent future.  The doctor told me NOT to do crutches in my case (lots of reasons), so I finally bit the bullet and got the walker he recommended.   The walker may not be glamorous but for the increased mobility and the HUGE decrease in the need for painkillers, I’m workin’ it.  I’m workin’ it bigtime!  For the first time in ages I can putter around the kitchen without being in massive pain for hours afterward – and that was BEFORE the knee blew up again.

Unfortunately the timing was awful.  It smacked down some much-needed OT at work.  I realistically shouldn’t be at work at all because hey, I can’t walk worth shit and there’s also the can’t drive safely thing.  (I won’t even go into the logistics of trying to drive a stick shift when your right foot won’t hit the pedals without a hand under your knee to pick up your foot.)  I don’t have the luxury of taking time off because of both the money factor and the simple reality that if I take off more than a nominal period I lose my job, and any time I DO have off I have to reserve for surgery.  But when I desperately need the added hours to catch up financially, it just ain’t happening.

2.  When I bought the house, I built in a cushion for the added expenses like having a water bill (which we didn’t have the last place we lived) and having the HOA, extra gas driving back and forth to work, etc.  I left a little wiggle room because I know with a home there are going to be things that need to be fixed, etc.

What I DIDN’T budget for was buying a vehicle which was a complete wash – took the older daughter’s mechanic bf with us so we hopefully didn’t get another lemon, but literally never got to drive it once and got only $300 selling it – after an initial investment of a few thou.  Lemons and me.  Seems to be a trend.

So yeah, totally not thrilled with that.  Ergo also didn’t budget for the car payment I now have NOR the payment for the fridge, nor the fact that I’m forced to foot the bill for my daughter’s gas to go to school.  Considering how far out we live, that’s a huge chunk-o-money.  As in triple digits a few times over, just for the gas.  Those combined with other unexpected expenses kinda knocked me on my butt financially.  I have to pay them – not going to dump the house, obviously – and still think the house was the only realistic move for us.  But that means I have to either rewrite the rules of mathematics or find another way to make money.

G is trying to hustle up money, with some decent prospects on the horizon.

Daughter unit… let’s just say I’m not a happy camper with her right now but we’re both effectively stuck in the current situation.  I’ve already told her next semester it ain’t happening like this and she might as well buck up real fast and get a clue to that effect.  She’s in her mid-twenties and while I applaud her attempts to get her life on track, it is NOT my responsibility to keep cleaning up after her string of atrocious judgments.

On a different and more positive note, I found a new quote today that I like very, very much.

The quote? “I believe in fate. I believe that everything happens for a reason, but I think it’s important to seek out that reason – that’s how you learn.”

Very parallel to my view of the world.  The quote-ee?  Actress Drew Barrymore.  She’s one of the few performers I really appreciate.  Despite a lot of folks poking fun at her flower-child views on the world, she’s never hesitated to express them.  She pulled herself out of drug addictions at the age most of us were just discovering boys, and after growing up in a decidedly dysfunctional family environment, she turned out pretty okay.  She even had the class not to turn the birth of her child into a media circus.  She gets my vote after the Brangelina fiasco a million times over.

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