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Insomnia sucketh all the way to the bank

I HATE being unable to sleep. Seriously, it makes me crazy (not to mention bleary-eyed.) Last night I couldn’t fall asleep – think it was 11:30-ish or somewhere thereabouts. So at least I slept until my alarm went off at 4.


No, my body decided to be little Mary Sunshine in a bopper mood at 2-frakin’-o’clock in the morning and WOULD. NOT. FALL. ASLEEP. AGAIN.

With that in mind I figured today would be either a total and complete bust or a perfect 10. It was more like an 8, but whatevah. Tonight, though, I have a date with Tylenol PM around 6:30-ish. Yeesh.

Flexible Spending Account denied the wheelchair.  Seriously.  Hopefully it’s just a snafu; otherwise I am going to crawl down somebody’s throat.  This isn’t a fucking insurance company.  It is MY MONEY.  Yes, I know it has to be used for allowed medical expenses.  Before I went into the mobility place I checked the IRS site to be sure they allowed wheelchairs as medical expenses – they do.  With that in mind, me and the FSA customer disservice are about to go around and it ain’t gonna be pretty.

I’m on my way out to go pick up a Freecycle score in a minute – but first, new house porn for the day.

The house above is the most expensive place – relatively speaking – we’re looking at in area #2.  ($89,500)  It’s also the biggest at 2000sf and has some sweet perks.  Love the back yard with the BBQ and firepit and landscaping to boot; love the humongous dining area.  Not so thrilled by the relatively tiny kitchen, though the subway-tile backsplash and cherry cabinets are da bomb.  And between the island and a nice big pantry, could be worse.

Still looking in both areas.  I need to do a mile-by-mile comparison and have to consider the safety factor.  I would feel save in the community to the east.  Given a lot of things on the western edge of civilization, not quite so confident.  We’ll see how things pan out.

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