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Insomnia a la mode

Yes, boys and girls, I’m awake at nearly midnight again.  Not for lack of the sleepy gene, but because of the overabundance of the stupidity gene.

Note to self: no matter how appealing it sounds in theory, do not – repeat, do NOT – indulge in homemade chocolate pudding an hour or so before bedtime.  The carb overload is a killer and antacids can only help corral a tiny part of the resulting gastrointestinal distress.

I was craving something sweet after being more or less good for the past several days.  I’d eaten veggies and proteins and precious little in terms of bad carbs until today and felt better today overall than I have in who knows how long.  Today, though, a movie with my daughter meant sugar-laden soda and globs of butter flavoring on tons of popcorn, then a distinctly less-than-healthy dinner consisting of chili dogs (a favorite of G or it wouldn’t have happened – I can barely tolerate the things at best.)  Throw in the chocolate binge on top of that and I’m paying dearly.  Bleh.

Still no new(er) car.  That might work out very well.  We’re waiting to see what it’s going to take to fix the old monster up, including getting the AC working, before we decide whether to go with another vehicle or not.   We’ve hesitated because frankly most of what we’re seeing out there that’s in our price range is very close to what we’re driving now.  If we can’t make a legitimate step forward it makes more sense to fix the monster and invest the money otherwise – hopefully G will agree to put it to the business we’ve been planning.

Or to put it simply: if we don’t get another car G had BETTER agree to put it into getting the online business going.  Anything else will be distinctly unwise on his part.  At least he acknowledges it’s something we simply must do and that we need to move ahead with it asap.  There’s no way to know how much he’s really accepting the fact and how much he’s saying it to placate me.  It’s going to happen, with or without his cooperation.  Here’s hoping he’ll step up to the plate and genuinely help.  When he puts his mind to something and is more or less forced to do it, he’s got excellent instincts and can even, if pushed hard enough, follow it through.

Otherwise, a string of good news over the past few days.  Kids and grandbabies are now fine; I paid off one small bill that had been eating up $100 a month; and we saw significant inroads made on the tax balance.   On top of all that, thanks to the vacation day today my week’s only got four days left in it.  Crossing my fingers that it’ll fly by!

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