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In Sequence

You’re not imagining it – my normal password doesn’t work on the entry just prior to this one.  It’s strictly a way for me to run some numbers and pull them up again as a quick reference.  Nothing especially wrong, just not for public (or even semi-public) consumption, at least not yet.

I won’t be going in to work in less than three hours, either.  This time around I’m giving my body an opportunity to heal before jumping back into the fray, and doing some massive soul-searching along the way, and G and I are coming down to the wire on the subject of the business project.  I know Poolie is questioning why on earth I put up with my better half.  Got news for ya, Poolie.  You could ask that question of half the US population or more.  Heck, make that half the world population or more.  I love my husband, plain and simple.  If I didn’t, he’d have never been allowed back into my life under any circumstances, all things considered.

That doesn’t mean I’ll forgive and forget all trespasses under all circumstances.  It does allow some latitude in spite of my irritation.  I may become fed up enough to give him the boot.  If that day comes it’ll probably involve more than wanting to kick his ass to get it moving (though that part’s not guaranteed either.  I am not a particularly patient person and my patience with the current situation’s at an end.)  If/when the time is right I will go directly to the courts, will not pass go, will not collect $200.  End of story.

Anywho, my back’s still giving me grief though not nearly so much tonight.  I am going to try to crawl back into bed shortly and get some sleep, but considering I slept virtually all day yesterday (Wednesday) I am of course awake now, at just shy of 1:30am.  Bleargh.  No fun.  I’m supposed to get up at 3 for work.

Not hardly, not this time around.

If you want a snapshot of what’s going on, jump back two entries to the entry titled Celebratory Porn.  I am surprised Poolie didn’t chime in on the bin Laden comments.  I figured someone would.

For anyone who uses Google reader as notification of my entries, I’m curious.  Can you see my password-protected entries?

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