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I Phoned Ohm

I’ve been hemming and hawing for a while about my cell phone.  I had a moderately old Blackberry that, while it looks like new, was ready for an upgrade.  I knew I was going to get a new phone, the only question was which new phone.

Being the ultimate cheapskate, I made up my mind to get a freebie, since I pay so ungodly much for phone service each month anyway.

Used to be the free phones were pure, unadulterated crap, the sort of cheap plastic stuff that begins to disintegrate the first time you flipped it open.  Oh yeah, baby, I remember the era when flip phones were IT.  All you had to do to answer the ring was flip that sucker open and talk!  Provided, of course, that it didn’t drop your call before you could say hello!  And the signal meant you got lucky if it didn’t sound like you (and the person on the other end, to you) had some disease of the mouth and vocal cords!

Before that was the brick, and that too was amazing in its time.  Hey, we have a CELL PHONE, y’all!


So she of cheapskate mentality for a long time gritted her teeth and bought the mid-range stuff that was designed to be a little tougher.  No bells and whistles, just a good solid machine.

Then the freebie phones got better – substantially so.  My last free phone was my Blackberry – and spousal unit’s and daughter units’ phones.  They’ve frankly served us very well.  I didn’t use enough data to justify the mandatory data plan, granted, though I can’t recall the last time I had a dropped call.  I think I found a dead spot once on the way home from work when I was working in Snobsdale.

Soooooo…  After work today I visited the phone store determined to keep my head, keeping it free or reasonably priced.  Y’all, I don’t care if I’m a bazillionaire, I ain’t paying $1000 for a phone, and there are some mighty close to that even with the two-year contract.  Verizon had Droids for the cheap, ranging from free up into the hundreds, and several stop points in between.  Droids are the latest thing, got it.  So are iPhones, and I wasn’t paying $400 for an iPhone either.  However, I would pay $100 for a smartphone.  Given the erratic stability and security issues reported with the Droids, plus the fact that I had more than a few paid apps leftover from my iPad, I opted for an 8GB iPhone.  Make mine black, no sugar.

You have to give Apple credit; their phones are really a leap forward in technology.

Now please excuse me while I pick Poolie‘s brain for geocaching 411.

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