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I Hear You Knocking

Oh boy girls….

It’s barely past o’dark thirty on a Sunday morning yet I sit tapping keys on the computer rather than being snuggled up in the throes of sweet, sweet slumber.  (Or something like that.)

Why, you ask?

Well, it’s an interesting story with a bit of a twist.  Hear it all out before commenting, because, as radio icon Paul Harvey used to put it, there was definitely a “…rest of the story.”

At roughly 3:45am someone was pounding madly on the bedroom window.  When that happens it is one of the kids, generally the youngest daughter, and so it was this time around.  I was prepared to read her the proverbial riot act, thinking she was just coming in from a night of carousing.  However when I answered the door it wasn’t only her but also her sister, both having been roughed up by sister’s boyfriend.  That, obviously, changed my attitude about the early morning wake-up.  The girls were bumped and bruised but thankfully not seriously injured, at least not visibly so.  I did run youngest to the ER to get checked for a possible concussion.  (She’s there now, and will call me when she needs a ride home.)  She had a nice goose egg on the back of her head and was a bit dizzy.  No unconscious bouts, though, and she was articulate and relatively upbeat, all things considered.

My immediate response, after determining they were both mobile, nothing broken and no signs of massive internal injuries, was to ask if they’d called the police.  Turns out that yes, the police were involved but said boyfriend wasn’t hauled off in handcuffs.  I was ready to become thoroughly incensed until I found out the why of that.

Boyfriend did indeed hit both girls. It’s just that where it had always before happened when only my oldest was there, this time the youngest was there – and she hit back.  And when SHE hit back, big sister flipped a brain switch and realized, “Hey… I can defend myself!”

Which they did.  Liberally.  All over this guy.  The police told the girls they were impressed.  As the youngest put it with reference to erstwhile Boyfriend: “We fucked him up.”

Since the girls did defend themselves (and apparently came out on top in a big way,) the police told them under current laws they’d either have to take in nobody or everybody.  So the girls took the pragmatic route, drove over in one of the vehicles and left Boyfriend to sit at home nursing a busted face.  Youngest was already packed to go out of state as of tomorrow, and the older daughter will be moving in with us until further notice.  She’ll go back later in the day to pick up her things.

Now I’m not a proponent of violence as a rule.  In this case, though, the girls were fully within their rights to kick this jerk’s ass and I’m glad they did.  Who knows if it will knock any sense into the asshole’s brain?  I am just glad that my long-victimized older daughter woke up to her own power and will be a lot less likely to put up with that kind of BS going forward.  Now if I can just get her to take charge of her life in other equally important areas, like treatment of bipolar disease…

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