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I Hear You Knocking – Gimme Time To Get There

Well, double-crap because WordPress is being a pain. This entry was SUPPOSED to be password protected, but the last updates to WordPress have hosed up sixty zillion things, apparently including the ability to password protect pages. Password-protecting it gives a 404 error. Public, it’s visible. Gah.

Sometimes opportunity is a real sonofabitch.

I haven’t had a lot of comments here and assume that I don’t have many readers left (if any) but this is my blog and I’ll whine if I want to. Ahem.

A good part of the reason that my posts have tapered off is simply physical disability. When I get up in the morning now, it’s hit-and-miss whether I can hold a hair brush to brush my hair. Brushing my teeth requires holding the toothbrush between my palms and trying to keep my fingers clear of my mouth. After that exercise in WTF, I’m driving to work. And my car’s a standard. Doesn’t that sound like safety on my side?

If only this damned disability was limited to my knee. Surgery wouldn’t be fun but it would be a solution. Given that my knee is such a small part of it, I can’t justify the time and expense for surgery and radiation therapy, especially since they know there’s better than a 50-50 chance the knee issue will keep coming back forever.


I’ve looked at options for a home-based business. I’ve looked at Internet sales, which can definitely work. Unfortunately it’s heavily data entry, hour after hour. Given my body’s intermittent shutdowns (which are gradually becoming less intermittent and more full-time) that probably isn’t my best bet. I can outsource the data entry part – we worked for someone who did – but even that is going to require me to build an initial database and format for the product. I would’ve done it a few months back. Now I don’t know if I am physically able.

Of course, a few months back I had a toddler dumped into my lap all the time, and that’s over, no going back no matter how much my younger daughter expects me to keep bailing her out. She’s her daddy’s clone, and that’s a worst-case scenario on a whole ‘nother level. Can we say, “Entitlement whore?”

Yes we can, and do, which simply sets her off on a screech-fest with a magnitude around 8.8 on the Richter Scale. Of course her unwillingness to accept responsibility on any level is all my fault. (Isn’t it always?) Just a chip off the ole’ block there.  I figure she’s due to find a new place to live at her earliest inconvenience. Mom’s had it.

I still have a husband who shows zero interest in helping me transition out of my daily grind job, despite the obvious indicators that it’s at the end of its life. He HAS stepped up to the plate with a part-time job, enough to sort of make a dent in the bills, but nowhere in the ballpark of actually covering everything.

Whew. Rant over.

Anyway, I’ve been looking at three of what I consider to be viable options to develop an online business requiring minimal physical exertion, because I’m not sure how much more I can count on the body’s cooperation on any level. One is coming together slowly with the possible help of a friend, l’empress. We are both grammar and spelling Nazis, and this is a good thing. While my book is out there, it’s pretty much DOA. Not a surprise; fantasy is the toughest market to break into, it’s not Nobel Prize material to begin with, and I haven’t really done much to market it because I haven’t had the chance or the physical stamina. However, now that I’ve gone through the process, I know that the toughest and most frustrating part of publishing is the edit mode. You can edit yourself ’til the cows come home (I can’t tell you how many times I tore up my own work) and you’ll miss things. It’s inevitable, because you’re too close.

Editors for self-pub are backlogged until 2015. The market is staggering. I can do that. I can read and edit and catch the stuff people miss on their own work. I’m good at it, too. Furthermore, the going rate should be enough that if I can do it with any consistency, it will cover our bills. The big thing will be building up the name. I have the domain that really fell into place – – and put up a basic site. Now I need to get some content on it and get the name out. Bonus points because the majority of editing is reading, so my hands can catch a break. L’empress and I discussed the option of charging more for the hopeless cases, of which there are many. I doubt they’ll pay to get their dreck fixed on that level, but it can’t hurt to offer. We’ll have to get payment up front, though. I don’t want to do the work then someone flakes out on big money.

As I mentioned, that’s only one option. Another is an affiliate marketing program. It’s a little more involved to get it going, but getting into the RIGHT affiliate marketing can actually make you money. I know enough about how the Internet works to know that the majority of Internet marketing deals are scams at best. There are some that do work, though. I talked to someone this week and the type of thing he’s marketing is something I’d be willing to consider. I ran into him in the course of business, talking about the back end of what he does. It’s a respectable business model and I could see it possibly paying off, with very low investment in time and money. It needs little enough outlay I think I’m going to give it a shot, anyway.

The third option was tossed into my lap this evening when my cousin mentioned that she’d looked to buy my book but couldn’t find it in the audio book section. That was kind of a light bulb moment of a whole ‘nother wattage. If I don’t know anything else, I know how to create an audio book. If editing is a possibility, book recording is a slam dunk. No typing required whatsoever, just the ability to read clearly and manage the audio edits. All those years of Radio experience, hello?? I can also see that as a networking opportunity, calling up old buddies from the business. I know a few of them wouldn’t do it for the money involved, but there are plenty who would. I’d have to charge enough to make a profit and still pay them enough to be worth the trouble, but still not out of reach for the average indy writer. I think it’s doable.

I know my time in Big Business is down to the nubs now so I can’t keep putting off the inevitable. I’m having to miss work just every few days and the work is suffering because I can’t type or focus. That can’t continue indefinitely. My next doctor’s appointment is this Friday, and while I’m going to ask about something to better control the pain, he’s so ineffectual as to be almost laughable. I get it, too; the diagnosis to date has been fibromyalgia, arthritis, and pigmented villanodular synovitis. Fibro is the catch-all now for what used to be deemed hypochondria or hysteria, depending on your generation. It’s treated with low-dose antidepressants, because it’s considered to be a nerve disorder. Problem is I cannot tolerate antidepressants at any level whatsoever. I tried going to herbal solutions for the inflammation – which did help with the pain. Cucurmin is awesome when combined with bromelain. It really did alleviate my pain. It did so by means of paralysis, which kind of doesn’t work for me either.

I would prefer to avoid opiates and their ilk, but there aren’t a lot of options open to me. I do know that when I took four days off WITHOUT babysitting a couple of weeks back, I felt better than I have in months. That reiterates that if this isn’t directly caused by stress, at the very least it is exacerbated by it. Getting up at 3:30 in the morning, driving and working in pain, coming home to a daughter who’s a royal pain. Anyone here see a pattern?

Bless my older daughter. A couple of days ago she reminded me that everything happens for a reason and that things really will work out. God and the Universe have me covered. I know this for fact. I’m too much of a survivor not to recognize the fact. It doesn’t, however, mean I can sit on my ass and expect the Universe to drop money into my lap with zero prep on my part. I have to take a little initiative, and I’m doing exactly that. After all, when that money drops, I’m gonna need a skirt to catch it and a bank account to deposit it.

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