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I Get By With A Little Help From My Boxes

This morning I woke at 7am – on my day off!  Of course that’s still sleeping in four hours from my USUAL wake-up, so I am more or less awake and kicking.

Breakfast was blueberry muffins, or at least reasonable facsimile thereof.  I made them from a mix that uses blue-colored, blueberry flavored apple bits.  That’s doubly pathetic because I have a bag of real blueberries in the freezer.  Not that G or I were complaining – we scarfed down the fauxberry muffins with real butter and enjoyed them heartily!  However, given that blueberries [the real ones] do so many good things for your body, I think this week I will probably spend the extra effort to make something with the real deal.

It’s been kind of a surreal weekend.  A very good weekend, just a bit off the norm.  We went to our normal round of thrift stores yesterday morning (which as it turned out was exactly… one.)  Then we headed for Fry’s Electronics, the intent to scope out a sound card for G’s computer.  We figured we couldn’t afford anything at the moment, but it was what he asked for as a Christmas gift.  (Both his onboard and the peripheral we had were so old they weren’t recognized by Win 7.)  We figured it would probably run at least $40-50 just for that, maybe more since he has an older computer that requires an outmoded connection.

Lo and behold, we arrived on the perfect day: they had a whole SHELF of the specific version he needed, on clearance in several models and makes, and found the perfect one for a steal.  He found the wireless mouse I’d wanted forever but was too cheap to get.  The cost on that was also about half the price of anything we’d seen elsewhere.  We snapped up both of them whilst we could.

I made us a big pot of homemade chicken soup last night for dinner (my daughter and boyfriend went to her brother’s house for the night) so G and I had a nice dinner, popped in a concert video – and ended up dancing to it.  That was probably the most surreal moment of the day.  G doesn’t dance, period.  I love to dance but even if I had a willing partner it has become almost impossible physically for me.  G was a sweetheart, my knees cooperated and voila!  We both survived the experience.

The weather has been cooperating, too.  It’s now in the 60’s early morning and warms into the 80’s, which is about as close to perfect as you can get.  If it weren’t for the munchkins we’d doubtless have the windows open and the AC off, but their room really is too stuffy to get away with that yet.  (Yes, I know it’s my house – but my daughter’s pregnant, remember, and dealing with several complications including severe morningsickness.)

Oh! And before I forget (sorry Poolie, I didn’t mean to ignore your email, just opened it and let it slip my mind) this daughter has actually had three prior pregnancies; she has an older daughter whose dad has custody by mutual agreement; she had a miscarriage a few years back; and has a 3-year-old whose daddy was abusive but the Massachusetts police officer said since only SHE was being abused, she couldn’t remove her son from his grandparents’ home without being charged with kidnapping.

After which her SOB now-ex husband took it to court and got custody claiming abandonment.  My daughter tried to fight it from here but the Massachusetts judge rejected her request to enter phone or written testimony and she couldn’t afford to go out there for the hearing.  The cheapest lawyer wanted $10K plus expenses, up front.  If I had that kind of money I’d have dragged her ass kicking and screaming from that situation while she was still pregnant and made it a non-issue.

Pardon me if I have absolutely ZERO respect for our injustice system.  I’ve seen it at work and it does EVERYTHING to protect criminals and NOTHING to protect victims.  I hold our nation’s legal system in contempt of every human value, and only wish this was the sole example of its abuse.

I won’t go any further down that path because I might never come back.  I try to keep it Zen, reminding myself that everything happens for a reason.  I also believe firmly in karma and its way of being a real bitch at payback time.  There are lots and lots of levels of payback in this case, more than I’m willing to post on a public blog.


On a lighter note, both literally and figuratively, have you ever wanted to do laser surgery on yourself?  I couldn’t help cracking up at this advertisement for LED lights.  Notice the last line about the things it’s used for? DIY Laser Eye Surgery? Seriously???

According to author Douglas Adams, today is the answer to All Things. The answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything.  How so?  It’s 10/10/10, which translates in binary (101010) to 42.  That was the answer given in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.  Now the question… that’s a whole ‘nother issue.  Just for God’s sake remember your towel.

No geocaching for me today.  I love the concept, and might spring for it once the munchkins move out, which shouldn’t take too terribly long (I hope.)  My Crackberry has GPS capabilities but it’s another $10 a month or thereabouts to add it and I’m not sure it has the geocache aspect integrated or if I have to add yet another program to make it doable.  I’m skimming the geocache site now.  Cross your fingers!

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