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I Can Haz Writing

This must, must, MUST be short because y’all, I gotta sleep tomorrow.

But something had been rattling around in my brain for a while and finally it exploded there.  The goo was spectacular.  It got all over my brain, the new bed and my computer.  It is active goo, what can I say?

The goo made me do it.  I got another domain name and created another site.  This will still be my personal blog, but I tossed in another link at right – to  The coolest part is that for that site I’m sharing the goo.  As in, my readers are also (hopefully) my writers.  I setup so y’all can register there.  The plan is that I’m also going to try to shanghai entice some professional names to add the odd entry or two, as well.  I’m waiting to see where things go.  It’s a crazy idea and I opted for a nice shiny captcha option for new sign ups, for obvious reasons.  No doubt someone will eventually force me to rescind the freedom to sign up willy-nilly; but for now I foresee some cool entries.

I’m cool with minor self-promotion (yes, this means you Terri.  I WANT you to write something there and since the concept of the site is about history and particularly personal history, can’t think of a better spot to throw in a link to your book!)  I’ll draw the line at a 31,000 word infomercial.  That’s a bit over the top, doncha think?

Perhaps I could talk Poolie‘s sibling, the ever-mysterious Mia, to add a brief entry.  There are those of us who have seen Mia and know she exists, but the rest of the world is skeptical.  The true skeptics could always claim it was a faux entry, but most people would recognize that Mia is a real phenomenon.  (Poolie herself was my first invitee.)

Had a past life?  Had a life you WISH was past?  Are you a closet archaeologist or a brazen anthropologist?  Do you read tea leaves or see auras?  Do you have ESP?   Tie it to history or prehistory and the floor – proverbially speaking – is yours.

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