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I Am Becoming A Facebook Addict

I don’t give a rat’s you-know-what about what’s actually posted on the various bulletin boards and whatnot, but I have tracked down family members and friends, some I haven’t seen since 19-okeydokey.  Or earlier.  I sent out a whole crapload of invites after realizing, HOLY SHIT! I CAN FIND PEOPLE HERE!

Hey, if my family wanted avoid me they shouldn’t ever have been born into my family.


Actually we’re talking about mostly cousins, some in this part of the world, some across the planet.  I did track down one old high school chum, though God only knows if I’ll be remembered.  My name: extremely memorable.  My personality: blah.

Question for y’all who read here:  have you ever been hypnotized?  I never have but I opted to set a free consultation with a hypnotist here in the area.  I am sick of being overweight and know a lot of people have had some very good results with hypnotism.   It isn’t cheap, but I look at it this way: it’s far less money involved than gastric bypass, avoids the risks of surgery AND it doesn’t require time off work for recuperation from surgery.  It’s also a hell of a lot cheaper than dying young or dealing with the health issues of obesity.

One thing I only just thought about: went to Amazon to see about CD’s.  At $75-150 per hypnotic live session (more for the initial session at one clinic,) I don’t want to commit to ANYTHING until I get a feel for it.  I went to Amazon and looked up one CD, read the reviews, and looked at pricing – only to discover I could download the mp3 for 99 cents.

You bet your sweet bippy I downloaded it.   The reviews were mixed on that particular CD (interestingly enough they were different BEFORE I bought than appeared AFTER I bought.)  I know hypnosis isn’t for everyone, and I know there’s bound to be a difference between a live session and a recording.   For a buck I’m game to give it a shot.  If it makes a difference for me I will probably still spring for at least a couple of live sessions to see if it makes a difference.  If it has ZERO impact I’ll save my money.

I also intend to be sure my MP3 player is fully charged.  My biggest concern about a recording is the potential for it dying in mid-play.  I might be one of those people who can’t be hypnotized at all – or might be one who falls into a deep trance and can’t wake up at all without the direct say-so of the hypnotist.  Granted I wouldn’t be eating much if I was out cold.  But I wouldn’t work much, either, which would kinda suck for my paycheck.

I’ll document my results here (even if it’s a lack of results) – and will be burning a CD with the MP3 as a backup.

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