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Hurry Up and Stop

Now that we’ve established I’m retiring and know it’s happening in the immediate future, I’m ready to quit already. It’s all I can do to force myself out of bed and drive into town. I’m looking forward to permanently disabling my alarm clock.

My other half finally acquiesced to my nagging insistence and listened when I told him, “Look, it’s like this. It’s no longer optional. It’s going to happen, just hammering out the details with the office already so you should be prepared.” Yes, it’s that imminent, and thank God for it.

My manager and I talked Friday. We’d talked about it before too but we talked about time frames, how long it takes everything to go through HR, etc. It’s already with HR and they’re known for irrational timing. Might be this week, might be early next month. I’m toughing it out until things get lined up.

My brother moved in with us a couple of weeks ago. I’ll credit him with giving me money every week, about 2/3 of enough to pay for his share of the groceries anyway. It doesn’t mean he won’t be kicked to the curb in another couple of months or thereabouts. No matter how much of an ass he is, G and I agreed to take him in to keep him from living on the streets. After learning that he’s got a job paying enough to get a cheap place to live, I’ll also have no qualms about telling him to get his assholiness out after a couple of months, either.

I don’t like him, and don’t owe him jack shit. He and his ex wife stared down their crooked noses at me for years because they had money and I didn’t. I once stayed a couple of nights with them before they decided I didn’t need to be there on their sofa because reasons. I literally did nothing but sleep there and was gone when they were awake. I don’t think I even took a shower while I was there, because I was made to know it would inconvenience them.

Guess what, baby? Karma has a way of balancing things out when you cop an attitude like that.

Daughter and grandson are moving back out too. It is going to stick this time. Part of my discussion with hubby was deciding that once she moves out we’ll be taking on a roommate who will be contractually obligated to pay rent. I was wracking my brain trying to figure out a way both to retire and to keep the house. We will have a limited income by closing out my 401K, then on to SSD. Leave it to hubby to (once he pulled his head out of the sand) figure out a way to make it viable. I was thinking of selling the house and finding a cheaper place to live. Hubby rightly pointed out that it’s almost guaranteed we can’t find a cheaper place to live – and if it’s a rental, the rent will keep rising anyway. We need to stay put.

We’re hopefully only going to need to do the roommate option for a year or so, anyway. The plan is to actually get the business going we’ve talked about doing for eons.

Yes, I know that most businesses don’t show a profit for the first year. Trust me, I know every angle, pitfall, question, panic button and resource in the book. I’ve thumbed through that book so many times it’s left grooves on the pages.

I also know I’d be a complete and utter fool to pass up the opportunity while I still have the capacity to do so. My doctor and I had a long talk the last time I was there. We discussed the rate at which this disease is progressing and what I need to do to accommodate it. For now I can still type in short spurts. There will be months I can’t. There are times already that it’s a challenge to hold a toothbrush. I’ll re-invest in voice to text, which isn’t perfect but may be my only option after a while. And once I get things moving I’m going to check into alternative medicines, because narcotic painkillers are NOT how I choose to deal with this for the rest of my life, and it’s literally all that modern medicine can do for me.

The idea is to establish a passive income source and get it going now. I hope eventually to outsource and hire other people to work for me. Everybody wins that way.

Deal with the business, with the health issues, with life. One, two, three. Lining up those ducks and waiting for them to quack.

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