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Home Sweet Dream

For perhaps the first time evah in my life I’ve made enough money to qualify for a house.  An actual, real house, one with walls, roof and doors, in a decent part of town.

Now part of that miracle is sadly due to a massive housing collapse.  Houses that were going for $200K and up are now selling for almost nothing.  I’ve seen houses near here going for less than $50K.  I’m talking about 3 bedroom 2 bath block or brick homes.  We could probably afford a little more than double that, which encompasses a whooooole lot of homes in the vicinity.

To give you an idea, look up this area on and look for listings below $125K.  I dare you.  (That links to a search I already defined, I hope.)

Skeery, isn’t it?

Of course earning enough to buy a home and qualifying for it are two disparate things.  I need to get my butt in gear and pay off some bills, pronto, in order to make that crazy dream happen this summer.  It’s only a few months off and I refuse to let this opportunity slip through my fingers, whether it be a house or townhouse or whether we officially join the ranks of trailer trash (and dance a jig to get there, too!)  If I exercise a little common sense and self control we could probably pay cash for a decent mobile home.  By so doing, we’d immediately shave off nearly half our housing costs.

I salivate at the thought of ripping out any carpet and slapping down tile or faux wood (hey, would YOU pay for the real thing in a mobile you could buy for a few months’ savings???)

Aside from being vastly easier to keep a hard-surface floor clean, I suspect losing the carpet would create a huge improvement on the allergies front.  Dog hair, dust mites and God knows what other creepy-crawlies lurk in carpet fibers (look it up if you don’t believe me!)  Not to mention carpet is more mold- and mildew-prone than hard floors when the inevitable spill occurs.

Probably my single biggest concern with an older mobile would be the roof.  Having lived through TWO places where it rained indoors when it rained outdoors, I am wary on that front.  It was  horrendous in the townhouse, where water literally pooled in light fixtures; but it was worse in the mobile, where the leaks hit the floor too and created indoor potholes.  The cheap construction used particle board – essentially a form of glorified cardboard.  Y’all knows what happens to cardboard when it gets wet, right?

Putting hard flooring in would also, thank God, give us that additional line of defense against the moisture monster.

In spite of the risks, in spite of the potential pitfalls… I’m dreaming of a place with enough room for a sofa and loveseat, and maybe a third bedroom we can turn into that library room we so desperately need.  Thn there’s the ability to paint whatever color we want, to put down flooring we like, etc.

It doesn’t need to be fancy – it just needs to be OURS!

G is still miserable tonight.  I brought home my final line of over-the-counter offense to battle the bug tonight.  If I don’t see some improvement by tomorrow, G’s going to get taken to urgent care, no matter what he says.  We have insurance, thank God, and it’s got a realistic copay amount for a change, to boot.  I’m not sure which of us celebrated more the day that our insurance cards were delivered originally.

Late note: seems G has turned the corner.  He asked for (of all things) a cheese sammich.  Any man asking for a cheese sammich at this hour of the night has gotta be feeling better!

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