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Holy Smoking Deals, Batman!

I am officially dumbfounded.

This is not a typo.  I have seen two-bedroom apartments renting for $239 a month, and a LOT of them for less than $400 a month.  This is one example:

Cheapo ApartmentI wouldn’t live there, mind you.  Even if it weren’t a two-hour drive to work every morning, this place is in a rough part of town.  But it’s the principle of the thing.  (The picture is linked to the article from whence I swiped it.)

Unbelievably Cheap HouseI also saw a house – a house, seriously – listed for $350 a month.  I can only imagine where it is, but still… a HOUSE for $350 a month.  With a yard, green grass, palm trees.  Picture at right.  You may gape at will.  I certainly did.

Much as I’d like to gloat and dream, some dreams are dragging my butt along to bed tonight.  We were on the road all afternoon after a wasted trip to meet with a rental agent.  What a CROCK.  She pointed us to two places I’d already checked out and rejected, and pretty much wasted our time to the nth degree.  We’ve got plans to check out some places on our own this weekend.  I want something pinned down so we can hand our current landlord our walking papers, the sooner the better!

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