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Hey Boo-Boo, let’s go find a pick-a-nick basket

There was indeed a picnic this afternoon, one for my team from work.  Had it not topped 90 degrees F I’d have liked it much better.  Had it not been for my absentee husband I’d have unquestionably have liked it very, very much better.

Funny thing about G.  He has this longstanding thing about picnics.  Ever since we’ve been together he’s almost harassed me, insisting he wants to go on a picnic.  It was a fantasy for him, and God knows with him you could be sure it didn’t involve anything remotely sexual or romantic.  So when the opportunity arose for a group picnic, I figured it would be a slam dunk, right?

Only the OTHER half of the G equation won out.

See, it’s like this.  Every. Single. Time. I plan a day with G, he ends up canceling out, invariably crying off sick.  And he legitimately is sick every time, it’s not just an excuse.  Today he spent the day in bed except for running to the bathroom to hurl.  However, given how many times this has happened, how many plans got canceled at the last minute as a result of his coming down with some mystery ailment, I didn’t have as much sympathy as I might otherwise have had.

I sat down opposite him, taking an understanding approach – told him it was never my intention to make him sick – and told him flat out that I won’t include him in any plans going forward.  His eyes went kind of wide but he didn’t make a peep, which is fine with me.  If it’s that stressful for him to go places with me, I’ll be damned if I ever ask him to go anywhere with me again.  I’ll go solo or take someone else with me, someone who actually wants to be there.  This is one of many reasons I’m going to stick with an apartment or other rental for a while longer.  I can drop my expenses by a few hundred bucks a month, and renting neatly sidesteps community property laws if it should come to that.

The picnic itself was reasonably okay.  I was conspicuously the only one there alone.  Everyone else had S.O., dogs, kids, and so on.  There were puppies and small children and much cuteness.  I left early, definitely not in the mood to party.

G recovered adequately enough to come with me to feed my sister’s menagerie.  I’m pet-sitting while Sis and her loser hubby are out of town.  If it weren’t for the fact that they’ve completely trashed their home I’d just stay there for a few days, but since my sister married, her husband has literally destroyed her house.  He ripped out all the carpet and left bare cement floors, among other things.  It still has the wood-and-tack strips sticking out of the cement though.  Isn’t that classy?

Supposedly he’s going to put in new tile or wood flooring and other improvements.  They’ve been together 5 years now and his level of “improvement” has yet to impress me favorably.  It’s right up there with his job history, which is nonexistent in that same 5 years.  I think he did a short stint as a taxi driver – maybe a couple of months once – and a short term job in computers that was maybe six months.  Otherwise he’s been a house-husband, one whose helpful tendencies leave much to be desired.

It’s late and tomorrow it’s back to the grindstone, so I guess I’d better sign off for the night.  Hopefully my next entry will be a little more upbeat.  I’m overdue for a genuine-article miracle again.  Even if it’s of the crane variety.

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