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Stonewalling Since 1957

For anyone who’s followed me for the years and gone through my varied and heckle-worthy permutations in the arena of online blogging, you’ll recall that a business investment prompted me to pick up and commit yet another move in the virtual world.  I purchased the above domain name today and here, my friends, is where I landed.

This moniker involved oozing back in time, back to the early days…  Or at least, back to my early days online.  Which, naturally, were a weeeeee bit later than the date in my title, but I figured the point of origin might as well be a genuine-article point of origin.  Shaving a hairsbreadth off a mighty long story, I reverted to one of my other first names online.  Matter of fact, this one materialized first in early 2000, when it became the title of my first real website, a forum so busy so quickly that I didn’t have a clue I was holding court over something of an Internet phenomenon.

Oh hush and allow me my delusions of former grandeur.

But I digress.

I debated long and hard over the layout I’d be using, and still not sure this is the one I want to use.  It may stick, it may not.  I am planning, however, to stick around at this address  Over the course of the next several days, I’ll be transferring my blogroll here.  Pardon my virtual dust whilst I settle in.

The title is particularly apt since my next big project will be buying a home in some form or the other.  I’d prefer a house, that bastion of unattainable glory that, thanks to speculators and really bad judgment, is either spectacularly more attainable (if you are an exceptionally talented bank robber, embezzler or hold other such dubious professions;) or if like me is just as far out there as ever.  Prices may have fallen.  So too have lines of credit.

So hereforth and to all generations, or some rot like that, I’ll be posting the ins, outs, ups, downs, and generally insane process of going from flat busted to being a homeowner.  The only question remaining is, what kind of home?  I know for a fact we can pull off a mobile.  The bigger challenge is how to do a house.

One guy did it with a single red paper clip and zero cash.  I don’t have the ingenuity (not to mention the red paper clip) to work my way up quite like that.  I do, however, have a propensity for finding bargains.  Spinning the wheel of fortune now, I’ll begin talking with realtors and finding out what kind of miracles must be wrought in order for my family to unlock the door, some six months from now, on our very own home.

Can I make it happen for free (or very nearly so?)

We shall see, boys and girls.  We shall see.

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