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Happy New Year and Pass the Rum

Hope everyone is having a nice New Year’s Day. Me – mixed bag. I’m vastly healthier than I was a year ago, in fact feeling better physically than I have in years. Despite well-meaning friends suggesting gently that my physical issues were mentally induced, the results of appropriate physical treatments have made huge inroads toward making my life better. (Which is NOT dismissing a mental element, either. It’s absolutely a factor.)

G is being 100% supportive of the project, which is awesome. This from Mr. Grumbly Pants who always has a drawback to voice.

This is necessarily short because this is the downside: my computer died and couldn’t be recucitated. We put together an older box – definitely not fancy – and it too jumped without a parachute when I tried to take it online. Coincidence, obviously, but still a bit frustrating. The hard drive failed on the second machine so we’re going to try to take hard drive from my original and put it into machine 2. We don’t know what failed on my old computer but it woudn’t boot into the operating system and we couldn’t even do a reinstall of Windows – it froze and died in the process.

So – and again, the good side – I’m using G’s computer. And G’s changing out the drive on computer B, so hopefully I’ll be up and operable again soon. In the meantime I’m going to get dressed and enjoy the day off.

Happy 2011, everyone!

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