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!&# Happens

The Zen is taking another beating and a half.  About halfway through my day I got an email from G saying the AC was kaput.  Not something I wanted to hear in this part of the world during this time of year.  I asked G to dig up the paperwork for our home warranty and call to get someone out to fix it.  That’s kind of like asking a lab rat to go online and order you a pizza.  G is intelligent as heck, in an idiot-savant kind of way. He’s fluent in five languages, has a degree in accounting, and so on and so on.  In life skills he’s absolutely useless.

When I got home I dug through the mountain of paperwork and made the call.  We have to dredge up a smallish payment and pray that this thing can be repaired within the dollar limits of this policy.  It’s enough for a repair, but not enough for replacement.  Thank God we have the warranty!!!

Ergo tonight it’s ceiling fans and open windows, which is not my idea of a great way to sleep in August in Phoenix, but hopefully it’ll be livable, and should only be one night.

The daughter unit was in class tonight, and baby boy’s with his daddy.  She was supposed to be there until 11 but got off early for good behavior.  Er, they got off early because it was their first day and no labs.

Daddy was reluctant to put himself to such a terrible, unfair commitment.  Cause, you know, taking care of his beautiful baby son and watching out for the baby’s health cramps daddy-o’s style.  Keeping his son overnight was out of the question – entirely too much of an imposition.  Daughter will bring the car back here and G or I will drive her four blocks to spend the night with a friend.  This heat is life threatening to the baby.

I hate this frigging laptop, too.  It has a tendency to eat what I type and to jump from the end of the sentence in mid-type to somewhere in the middle of a sentence two paragraphs back.  Gah!

I have some pictures to load over from my iPhone – which I haven’t named.  Too tired to think at the moment.

At work I’m being asked to be inventive at a point when my mental faculties are anywhere and everywhere else but work.  I’m doing better in my core job and finally wrapped up the one must-do that was the focus of my best procrastination.  It’ll have to do.

Oh, and just for fun?  The check engine light is back on in the car.  This time around I shot off an email to an attorney.  I literally haven’t had the vehicle a week in my actual possession and this is strike three.  Arizona’s consumer protection laws are pretty much a joke, so here’s hoping that Federal law kicks in and makes it stick.  If legal means won’t do it, there’s still the BBB and the media.  I do know how to raise a royal stink.

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