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And lo, the heavens opened and the angels cried:

“Look out below!”

We FINALLY got a house.  Smaller than we wanted, a whole heck of a lot more money than we wanted to spend, but this time both parties signed on the dotted line (and thank God for it.)  The upside is that while it’s smaller, it’s beyond immaculate.  Every square inch has fresh paint, new flooring, granite counter tops and upgraded… pretty much everything.  The home itself is five years old but this was one of the investor fix-up specials and this investor took pains to do it right.

The pictures be ginormous – and here.  I won’t try to embed into this post because they’re just too big.

The one upside to the higher price tag is that we will have to cough up precious little in terms of closing costs, which leaves more cash for a vehicle.  (The seller is picking up 3% concessions, which pays most of the fees.)  Good thing – the old monstrosity is going to cost another $400-ish to get it running (which we pretty much have to do) and as soon as humanly possible we need to get something better.  With lower closing costs we have more cash for the car.

Here’s hoping anyway.  I’m SO ready to be done with apartment living.

Next project is a vehicle.  That too will come through in exactly the right time and while it may be at the upper end, it will be in the budget.  Naivete or faith, I’m never quite sure.  Maybe it takes a little of both to make it work.

Sunshine AwardPoolie nominated me for a Sunshine Award. My assignment, should I choose to accept it (and I do), includes the following:

1. Link the award to the person who gave it to me.

2. Answer questions about myself.

3. Nominate up to 10 bloggers for this award, and link my nominees to the post and comment on their blog, letting them know about the award.

The Questions:

1. Favorite number: My favorite number has always been 7.  I know it’s cliché, but it’s nonetheless true.  In numerology I’m a 7 on several levels, too.

2. Favorite non-alcoholic drink: iced tea, no sugar, lemon optional.  I like a classic Coke now and again but I’d be lost without my tea.

3. Favorite animal: I am not a big animal person.  I love Ye Puppy of Doggy, though, so I guess I’d have to say dog or both he and G would disown me.

4. Facebook or Twitter? I belong to both on principle but really… not a fan.  The only edge on Facebook is that I can keep up with family and friends I rarely see otherwise, but even that has its downside.

5. My passion: writing.  Not that you could tell from the paucity of entries here over the past couple of years or so.

6. Favorite day of the week: Saturday.  Poolie and I are of one mind on this one.  I don’t generally work Saturdays any more (and thank God for it) and it’s still early enough that I can look forward to more weekend ahead.

7. Favorite flower: that depends.  For cut flowers it’s carnations – any color.  I adore the scent.  In the ground – so to speak – it’s a little tougher to call it.  I love lilies of the valley and lilacs almost equally.  Both grew in our yard in NE Iowa when I was a kid.

I don’t follow too many journalists online these days so my list is unquestionably overlapping that of my friends.  As a rule I don’t like the “tag, you’re it!” type of memes anyway but hopefully those so tagged take this in the spirit it’s intended.  If not, it works with other spirits.  White wine is my preference but rum works too.

  1. Poolie
  2. Bev
  3. Terri
  4. L’empress
  5. LA the Sage
  6. Mike the Librarian
  7. Jeanniekay
  8. ZenAndChocolate

Hey, I came closer than I thought I would!

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