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Grind, Belch, Whine, Splat

That title would be the story of my erstwhile revived computer.  It un-revived itself today.  If it was a pinball machine it’d be screaming Tilt.

We’re not messing with it any more, just salvaging the functional parts and kicking the rest to the curb.  I’ve finally convinced G of the wisdom of going with a new ‘puter over a nice-in-theory used one.  I get email ads from, where I bought my monitor for a song.  They’re currently featuring a nice new box with all the hardware bells and whistles for $249.99.  (Link goes to the ad for the kit.)  That’s a whole lotta computer for the money.  It comes disassembled and sans operating system, which pretty much doesn’t mean diddly to me because we bought the three-license Win7 pack a while back and have only used two of our licenses.  Setting up an OS and putting the box together are right up there with crayons and coloring books: takes time and space but ultimately easy to do.

My immediate boss has been in a good mood the last couple of days.  There was an un-announced competition between the managers last month, one based on one particular segment of our jobs, and my boss took home a nice big screen TV because our team KICKED ASS.  So Boss got his TV, mine’s still on the way.  I’m thinkin’ positive, ya know, hehe.  With the kids moving out there won’t be any of the “I’ll trade you” crap going on to demand new stuff.  I haven’t won anything to speak of since they’ve been living here; with them out (and therefore not close enough to holler “gimme!”), it’s time I start winning again.  So far so good on the OT; in fact, we’ve gotten off easy.  That’ll change all too soon – we were just talking about it the last few days, saying come this weekend all Hell’s gonna break loose.  (By the way, I actually LIKE my boss here – he’s a former flunkie like the rest of us, sweet guy, his wife’s expecting their second child and he routinely commiserates about the burping, the diapers and all that goes with.)

Coming back to finish this after a short pizza orgy.  G and I love stuffed-crust pizza from Pizza Hut and I was most assuredly not cooking tonight.  Yeah, I know how spectacularly not-healthy it is.  Luckily we don’t splurge often.

With the kids out of the house it was nice and quiet, albeit chilly.  For those of you living in snow country, kindly don’t hate us here – it never got out of the 40’s today and is expected to dip tonight into the teens.  Now I know that’s nothing compared to y’all’s blizzards, but for Phoenix that’s a heck of a cold streak. Trouble is that there are houses here that have NO heating in them.  There are rarely days we don’t at LEAST break into the 50’s or 60’s.  Even the places that do have heat can only boast a wall furnace or something similarly impotent against anything that resembles cold weather.  And no respectable department store here carries actual winter coats.  Figure life without a heater and with nothing more substantial than sweaters and THEN complain to me.

Although there was a revision to the forecast just posted by NOAA.  They’re telling us we’re only supposed to hit the low 20’s tonight and hit 50 tomorrow.  Heat wave!

A few weeks back I volunteered to do some photo-based palm readings on the forum at the Unexplained Mysteries forumPoolie, you inspired me to learn back when I visited you five years ago/  I didn’t get too detailed on these because 1) I don’t have the real hands there and a lot of things (like thickness and skin texture, etc.) don’t translate well in pictures; 2) I can’t see a lot of lesser lines in photos; and 3) I’m not a great reader anyway – still very much in the “learner” stage.  It’s still been an interesting experience.  Part of it is in the lines themselves but more and more I’m splitting the difference between what I see and what I sense.  I think my “hit” ratio is generally on the upswing. I’m having fun, though it’s been a bit tight for time and I still have to look things up for every reading.  About four years ago I had volunteered to read one of my friends’ hands at lunchtime at work; by the time my lunch was over there were fifteen or sixteen people in line waiting!  I must’ve gotten enough right that friends told friends who told friends.

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