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Grand Old Time

It’s been a busy day so far and worth every bit of it for a change.  My second-youngest grandson is our guest for the day and to hear my youngest daughter tell it this child is a holy terror.   So far he hasn’t come close to living up to his reputation.  All it took was having some toys (a humongous box of Legos, an electronic helicopter that talks and has proper whirling blades, and a dump truck with lots of other sand related accessories.)  Even those got set aside, though, while we made the short walking trip to the playground here at the complex.

Three-year-old boy + climbing toys + slides + lots and lots of sand = unlimited low-tech fun.  We took along Ye Puppy of Doggy, but couldn’t keep the canine crusader there indefinitely.  Puppy didn’t want to be inside the confines of the dog park while the grandbaby and I were outside in the kiddie park area, but of course he had to be on a leash when NOT in the doggy park.  So I phoned G to pick up the dog so the grandson could play – and the dog still didn’t want to leave, lol.  (Neither, for that matter, did the grandson.)

Unfortunately the one unhappy moment of the day was when I got called to taxi my youngest to the ER with the bane of early pregnancy.  This isn’t her first time pregnant so we know that once morning sickness kicks in, it becomes life threatening very quickly and this morning was the time her body picked to go off the deep end.  I’m glad at least it was on a day I was home.  They’ll put her on meds for a while and she’ll be okay.  (She gets to the point of extreme dehydration within just a few hours and has been known to start vomiting blood, it’s so severe.)

So whilst I was conveying her to the hospital G got promoted to babysitter, which worked out just fine.  G, who most assuredly does NOT cook, managed to employ our otherwise-dust-collecting George Foreman grill and create a child-pleasing cheese sandwich.  When I got home the two guys were in the back room, just chilling, each perfectly content with the arrangement.

The dog has had a sand bath (and therefore will be getting a real bath later) and so did the grandbaby.  There are cookies to be made after naptime, and after the daughter’s picked up we’re going to try to get in a quick swim before my daughter in law comes to reclaim her son.  (She had to work today so was very happy to have a babysitter where she didn’t have to worry about him.)

I have pictures but I’m presently about thisclose to nodding off and think both grandson and I need a nap!

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