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Getting My Zen On

I have refrained from smirking over the fact that since the TV has been turned off – just for one day – suddenly all these “I’ll do it, don’t bug me!” things have been accomplished by the spousal unit.  Without the boob tube, the small white bathroom cabinet that’s been sitting on the bedroom floor since we moved in?  Suddenly and after months of unmet promises, it is finally hanging over the commode and stocked with paper and other necessities as I requested back when.  That was a little one that has driven me bonkers for a while now.  There are others too, and I suspect as the next couple of weeks go by I’ll see the list whittled down to almost nothing.

It may be different once daughter and baby return, as the little one likes his ‘toons.  Methinks that without them, however, his mommy will be more or less forced to do things with him instead of sticking him into his bed or his play area.  (We lucked out and found a portable folding octagon – think playpen but no bottom, and some four or five feet across.  Keeps baby clear of dangerous stuff and keeps biting dog away from baby, while still giving little guy lots of room to play.)

Grandson at 18 months is still only taking 3 or 4 steps at a time, tops.  G and I have tried to work with him to help him walk but his mommy needs to be a bit more active on that front too.  She’s too busy with socialization – Facebook, text messages, blah blah blah.  Since her ‘puter also has bit the dust and I’m still debating whether or not to get her a smartphone (vs a cheapie call-only variety).   She may need to find something new to occupy herself for the foreseeable future.  Like parenting her child instead of leaving him to me the second I hit the door after work.

Well to be fair, the daughter’s  ‘puter needs to be fixed because she DOES have to do homework for her college classes.  For the time being she will have to manage with my antiquated desktop. Since aforementioned desktop sits in the office directly opposite G’s desk, I’m betting it will put a damper on her over-the-top time spent wasting time.

And I am less stressed now that I know we’ve got some of the monetary basics covered.

Another bit of good news: the proposed freeway to this part of the world has apparently gone past the “proposed” status and is officially under construction.  Once through it means two pieces of sweet news: a much shorter commute and a skyrocketing home value.  My house closer into town would be worth at LEAST $50-75K more than I paid for it.  Some folks I know who are “in the know” told me before we bought that this part of the world was going to “explode” shortly, in a good way.  That’s one of several reasons I bitched at G and convinced him to buy here rather than the other area we were considering.

Here’s hoping the housing bump also brings in more businesses.  We’re a community of 80K people and there are only really two malls of any size, and a couple of other tiny shopping centers.  We have most of the fast food chains represented and a couple of what I’d consider mid-level (Olive Garden and Chipotle) restaurants.  But the area is still so new that business hasn’t caught up.  We still have to drive about 25-30 miles to go to a hardware store, for example.  And there really aren’t a lot of jobs in the area outside of retail and other low-pay service stuff.  I need to found a business and open up a call center with good pay, whaddya think?  If Bob Parsons could start in his garage, I have no excuse except lack of imagination.

All in all, despite the fiscal struggles of the moment, I’m becoming more and more convinced that buying this house was the right decision, just in the nick of time.

A few years ago when I moved into the apartment in Tempe I went through comparable financial struggles.  By the time I left there it was on stronger monetary legs.  This is not fun but it’s a bump in the road, one we’ll get past and come out better on the other side.   I looked up the house on; it’s got an estimated value of about 10% higher than we paid for it just a few months ago.  I can live with that.

We have quiet neighbors all around.  We’re far enough out to miss a lot of the smog and other crap from Phoenix proper.  We’ve got a fixed-rate home loan so we’re free of the ever-spiraling rent increases that come with apartment living.   If I can survive my child unit’s schooling – which despite feeling like it’s lasting forever, actually does sooner or later result in graduation and hopefully her moving out – life will be good.

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