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Hallelujah for weekends.  I was so exhausted when I got home from work this afternoon that I came home, curled up to watch TV, and promptly fell sound asleep, slept for some three hours and will definitely be going back to bed again shortly.  The heat is killing me.  We hit I think 113ºF today, and the AC is dead in the car.  I actually took the freeway home, which I think is a bit faster at that hour of the day, but there’s no way to avoid sheer misery at that temperature.

There were actual clouds in the sky today, too.  I shudder to think what it would’ve been without that modest respite.

We’re officially in monsoon season, which may or may not mean rain in the fairly near future.  Typically our monsoon rains start around the 4th of July or thereabouts, and we’re not far from that.  The clouds today were hopeful, since they allowed little or no blue sky to seep through.  Some years we haven’t gotten ANY rain all summer; other years we’ve been inundated for several weeks solid.  We can certainly use the moisture, long as it comes free of massive flooding (always a risk.)  I remember shortly after moving to this apartment, we got a cloudburst that left me walking knee-deep to get home from the Burger King next door and shut down an underpass half a mile away.  Water in the underpass was 8′ deep!  That’s 8 FEET, not 8 INCHES.  (And this is with real measuring devices, not a man’s idea of 8 inches feet we’re talking about, heh.)

The drive in rain is always interesting; my morning drive, if I go via surface streets, is normally gorgeous.  Further north we’re talking about big trees along the road, grassy shoulders, etc.  Definitely atypical fare for Arizona driving.  Unfortunately that translates into a recipe for trouble when we get storms.  We had some wind last night and this morning there were a lot of leaves and more than a few small tree branches flung into the roadway.  One modest-sized tree was sheared off just below its canopy, its top on the ground, tilted at a crazy angle.  Fortunately there were no big trees down and the smaller one wasn’t blocking the road.

When we had the rain earlier this year I spied at least one downed eucalyptus that effectively shut down a side road, and the potential is certainly there for the main road with all the big flora lining it.  Eucalyptus trees get to be enormous.  I don’t know heights average in the desert but the species in general can get within spitting range of 500′ tall.  (Miss Hiss, I think they’re native to Australia, so no doubt you can back me up on this.)

The move is still sitting out there.  I haven’t heard back from the new place so I assume they’re still waiting for our current office to respond.  Maybe it’s time for me to go grandstand and make sure it gets sent out tomorrow.  It’s ridiculous to have to babysit things to that degree, but if that’s what it takes…

I’m still leaning toward buying a house, rental be damned. It’s ludicrous to pay $1500 move in on an apartment, vs. $2000-ish move-in to buy.  If the seller pays points,  it would be pretty damned close to that.  It just cheeves me to pay so much in rent.  It would mean house hunting again and $2000 would decimate our budget for a couple of months.  It’s still doable financially (barely) and makes more sense to me over the long run.  I think the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

So yeah… definitely trying to figure that one out.  I need to talk again with the finance guy and see if it’s doable after dealing with the credit stuff.  If it’s still a year out, so be it.  Otherwise I am just fed up enough to do whatever I have to do to make it happen.

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