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Fresh Princess of Bel Aire

Well okay, this isn’t exactly Bel Aire, and my granddaughter isn’t a rapper.  She is in fact a very soft-spoken, polite to extremes, adorable six-year-old.  G snapped a few bazillion photos of her, of which (hopefully) a few will be making their way to my blog in the near future.  She went home this afternoon, with plans to make this a more regular occurrence.  She’s too close by to let her grow up wondering if we care about her!

The cold is kicking my butt in some respects today.  I’m not coughing as badly as I have with some previous bouts, but have chestal-area pain from the rounds I am having.  (No, I’m pretty sure it had nothing to do with overdosing on Chipotle burritos, guac and salsa.  Nope, nothing there to contribute to heartburn.  Not a bit, uh-uh.)  The nasal congestion seems finally to be easing, so here’s hoping it’s on the decline for good!

The Disney movie yesterday was cute – I gave it five out of five.  Disney literally had to dance around some issues (six year old girls don’t need to get the brutal picture of how blacks used to be treated in this country.  Surprisingly enough, though, there was a gentle acknowledgment – too low-key to alarm a youngster but enough that an adult or older child “got” it.)  The music was a hoot, there were some scary moments, some poignant (if predictable) ones and finally a prince who was more than a prop (and hallelujah for it.)

I also liked that for once the princess wasn’t perfect; she had a lesson to learn too, a lesson I am still absorbing myself in real life.

It’s getting late and I think I’m going to call it a night.  Hopefully more tomorrow!

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