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For the Record

Formatting an eBook is a stupendous pain in the ass.  (At least if you want a shot at decent distribution, it is.) I downloaded a formatting guide that said it shouldn’t take more than half an hour.  HA!  On whose planet??

I think I may go with the Smashmouth option for publication, because in addition to half a dozen other outlets including the iBookstore for Apple, they also sell through Barnes and Noble’a website and their payout for royalties isn’t half bad. I don’t know what the print options are or if there are any, but from what I’m reading now, eBooks literally outsell print 1000 to 1 anyway.  I really wanted to hold my own book in my hand. Guess that’s not a likely outcome unless I pay a buttload of money for the privilege and end up not really selling anything. It’s prohibitively expensive to build a paper book on demand, I get that.  I just can’t justify to any potential readers why they’d pay twice as much for my title (on the low end) as for a name author’s paperback.  I may still order a few copies through the on-demand option just so I can have them.

If I go with Amazon my work ONLY gets put on Amazon. I always assumed Amazon was the single biggest opportunity; now that I’ve done a little homework I’ve come to the conclusion that it ain’t necessarily so. They also have a lot of fine print that in essence says despite the sweet sound of a high cut, when it comes down to brass tacks they’ll pay you what they damned well want to pay you.  It’s a bit more convoluted than that, naturally, but the end result is the same, yet more reason for my leaning toward the alternate outlet.

Why yes I am up and posting an entry at ungodly o’clock in the morning, thank you for asking.  I dozed off earlier this evening at the computer, didn’t really sleep long enough to rest, and now I’m dead on my butt and can’t sleep. Happy happy joy joy.  Gah!

One week and one day to go until my vacation. That really IS happy happy joy joy.  Can’t afford really to go anywhere, but have family coming to visit here.

My sister discovered recently that she’s diabetic, but through a rigid (translate: not long-term survivable) diet and vigorous exercise, she’s dropped a literal buttload of weight and is actually well on her way to being genuinely a slender lady. I’d hate her for being skinny, but since she’s my sister that’s kind of off the plate anyway, and since it entails being sick I’ll pass too. Given her sugar ranking, however, I did another test on myself this morning just a short while after eating breakfast so my glucose had time to spike.  Yay me!  I barely registered! Hypoglycemia is not my friend. It explains why I’ve been dragging ass again bigtime. Back to Atkins again, I guess, since that genuinely worked for me on the weight loss and ostensibly helps with the hypoglycemia. I simply need to stick with it long enough to get past the intial couple of weeks, since they’re hardest. G likes his bread and ‘taters too much for me not to ever make them, but I’m done eating them.

Thank you to everybody who’s expressed an interest in reading my book. It won’t be everyone’s tastes, though I did stray from the traditions of the genre a bit.  I do promise my next one will be in a category more attuned to what my generation tends to read. I have a lot of source information to read through so I can get the nuances right, but found some awesome newspaper archives and got the articles copied to doc format.  Book #2 is a work of fiction that really is based on a real life situation back in the 50’s and 60’s. I’ve got a third one percolating with a couple of chapters committed to my computer’s hard drive, a suspense story about a computer virus that infects people.  (Not a biological agent but an electronic one that hoses up your neurological network.) My sister tells me, however, that I have to change my title for one of those books because the one I have now sucks. Gotta love family; they’ll tell you the truth while pointing and laughing.

Going to try to go catch an hour of sleep before I have to drive across town. Did I mention the 1-2 punch of hypoglycemia and changed meds SUCKS?

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